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Wolf Creek Sewage Spill Update

Things are getting back to normal at the Grass valley wastewater treatment plant where sewage spilled from the plant into Wolf Creek Friday, following the heavy rainfall. The Nevada County Department of Environmental Health reported approximately four million gallons of untreated and or partially treated sewage will be released into Wolf Creek from the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Grass Valley. Tim Kieser with the City of Grass Valley says the spill stopped early Saturday morning.

“That spillage stopped occurring sometime the morning of Saturday, very early between the hours of two and four in the morning. All of Sunday we were not discharging directly into the creek as far as untreated or partially treated wastewater. We did still have some of our Newmont Mine water being diverted, which on Sunday morning we put back into the plant and continued normal operations.”

The extremely high flow of rain water into Wolf Creek was expected to dilute the wastewater significantly, however all contact with the water downstream to the Bear River should still be avoided.  Nevada County Environmental Health is working collaboratively with the City of Grass Valley to minimize any impacts, and monitor the situation until there are no longer any remaining public health concerns.

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