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Woman Arrested After Seeing Visions

Reporter Gary Jacobson has the report of a woman seeing images.
A Grass Valley woman is under arrest after she says she saw something in the window of a home. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says the incident started when 50 year old Leslie Latimer drove her car into a driveway of a home on Wolf Meadow Drive, Friday morning. She spoke with the home owner and said she saw a holographic image of a wolf in the window. The homeowner informed her she was at the wrong home and Latimer left. The Sheriff says later in the day Latimer returned and again tried to get into the home again.

Click here to listen to Sheriff Royal


A CHP Officer close to the home detained the woman until the Sheriff’s deputies arrived. Latimer was taken into custody for possession of suspect meth amphetamine, being under the influence of the drug and trespassing.

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