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Woman Arrested for Being Drunk in Public and Narcotics Charges

Last night a little after 7:00, Nevada County Sheriffs got a call to check on a woman reported sitting unresponsive in the road on Rock Creek near Running Horse Road. A deputy responded and found the woman identified as 44 year old Angel Fox, a known transient in the Nevada City area, was sitting in the road.

“They noticed that in her purse was a vodka bottle. When she finally communicates with them, they can smell a strong odor of alcohol. She was uncooperative. She attempts to stand up and walk and falls down.”

Fearing for her safety and the safety of others   officers after some resistance were able to get the woman  into the patrol car  Fox was booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility for public intoxication and during booking Sheriff Royal says other drugs were found.

“When they were booking her, they also found she was in possession of marijuana. She doesn’t have a medical recommendation for marijuana, so they charge her for that.”

  They also found morphine, ambien and another controlled substance in her wallet. Fox’s bail was set at $21,500.

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