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Woman of Worth Celebrates Denim Day Wednesday

Wednesday (April 25th) is Denim Day, the day woman and men wear denim jeans or any clothing to show support for victims of sexual assault. Denim day originated in Italy after a judge overturned a conviction of rape after concluding that the victim was wearing tight jeans and there by enticed her attacker. Woman of Worth’s Office Administrator Sarah Gregory says why she is wearing denim on Wednesday and why Woman of worth is encouraging others to do the same.

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On Denim Day, Women of Worth asks everyone to wear their jeans as a visible sign of protest against the myths that still surround sexual assault: WOW also asks employers to allow their staff to break the dress code and the silence by wearing jeans on Denim Day, Wednesday April 25th. Learn more about denim day and woman of worth at i have worth dot org.

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