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Women of Worth Food Drive

This Saturday, January 14th, from 8-5, a Food Drive, for Women of Worth will be held in front of the Safeway at 867 Sutton Way benefitting the women’s shelter, Hetty’s Haven. Sandy Schmidt says the shelter feeds several women and children and they have shopping lists of needs to share with the community who would like t support the women as they are rebuilding their lives.

“It’s food, toiletries; they can get toilet paper, paper towels, all for Hetty’s Haven. We have a list that they can go off of. We have a shopping list and a big bin. If people don’t want to shop, they can give a monetary donation, they can get more information about Women of Worth. It’ll be a huge help because we have a houseful; a bunch of little ones and some expectant moms.”

Woman of worth just received a grant from the Walton’s Grizzly lodge-Stein family foundation. Schmidt says the $3 thousand dollar grant will be stretched a long way to service the many clients of Women of Worth.

“We’ll stretch it because it’s going to help. It’s going to go directly to client services. We’re able to add new therapy groups to that. So we’ll be able to stretch it.”

To learn more about women of worth and Hetty’s have you can go to their web site at Ihaveworth.org.

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