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Work on Out-Of-Town Projects To Start

If you travel out of Nevada County from time to time, there are a couple of major highway construction projects that you should be aware of. Tomorrow, work resumes on the Marysville Highway Reconstruction Project-beginning its second year Caltrans spokesman Gilbert Mohtes-Chan..

Listen to Gilbert Mohtes-Chan

That’s eastbound Highway 20 and 70 on the south side of Ellis Lake. They will be replacing the asphalt with reinforced concrete. After that, they’ll do the other side of the street. Work will be going on around the clock, and some of the city streets will become one-way as a detour. Electronic message signs are posted for trucks to detour around the city completely. Then, next week, work begins on an elevated section of Highway 50 in Sacramento known as the W-X viaduct…

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That’s Caltrans spokesman Dennis Keaton. Three of the five lanes of Eastbound 50 will be closed from 18th to 24th streets for about a month. Then after Memorial Day, work is expected to begin on the Westbound bridge. Keaton says this work is a “big deal” when it comes to traffic impact…

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That work begins April 22. The Marysville project starts tomorrow. Detour signs are already up.

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