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YCWA Projects On Hold

The Yuba County Water Agency is in the process of  re-licensing it’s Yuba River Development Project, and YCWA General Manager Curt Aikens is hoping to keep the project on track even though their federal partners have said they will not be able to come to the table because of the Government Shutdown.
Click here to listen to Curt Aikens

The Project is located on the Yuba River, and Oregon Creek in Yuba County,   and consists of, New Bullards Bar Reservoir, two diversion dams and three powerhouses,  and various recreation facilities .  Aikens says a re-licensing participants meeting was set to take place Wednesday, Oct. 2nd including representatives from the US Forest Service, the National Marine Fisheries and Wildlife Service.
Click here to listen to Curt Aikens

Aikens says “It’s just one of those unfortunate things and hopefully it doesn’t last too long.”

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