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Yuba County Suspect Apprehended After Crash

A pursuit by Yuba county Sheriff’s deputies Friday morning ending in a crash near the Doolittle gate of Beale Air force Base. Hammonton Smartsville Road was closed for more than 2 hours while evidence from the scene was collected and the lanes were cleared .An attempted theft of marijuana plants from a Linda home led to the pursuit. Three people went into the backyard of a home on Fernwood Drive in Linda Friday morning, armed with at least one handgun and apparently after marijuana plants growing there.

When someone interrupted the would-be thieves, they fled the area and at least one began heading east in a vehicle, eventually taking Hammonton-Smartsville Road. The   chase reached speeds of nearly 100 mph, Officer Yeager with the   CHP office says they were about to take over from the Sheriff’s deputy when the accident occurred.

“Hammonton Smartsville east of the Doolittle Gate or west of the corral. It was a pursuit that was initiated by the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department. The Highway Patrol ended up getting involved and attempted to take it over and before we could take it over, the person crashed. It was an eastbound pursuit, so they were headed toward Grass Valley.”

A BMW and an SUV were involved in the crash. The driver of the uninvolved vehicle had moderate injuries, including at least one broken bone, but responders did not believe the injuries were life threatening. Sheriff’s deputies took the chased vehicle’s driver into custody, and were in search of two more people who may have fled on foot into the neighborhood around Linda. It is unknown whether the marijuana being cultivated on Fernwood was illegal or medical marijuana grow.

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