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County to Vote on C-E-O’s Final Budget

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors is expected to pass a 235-million dollar budget–the final budget for County Executive Officer Rick Haffey, who is retiring in a couple of months. The budget is three percent more than the last fiscal … Read more >

Tutors Wanted For Adult Literacy Program

It’s been a program that has shown a lot of success in Nevada County for two decades, but it can always use more volunteers. Alan Archer heads up the adult literacy program at Nevada County’s libraries, where individuals get one-on-one … Read more >

Nevada Co Vaccination Rate Still Low

The kindergarten vaccination rate in Nevada County is still the second-lowest among California’s 58 counties for the recent school year. But at 81-point-7 percent, it’s up nearly a point from the previous year. It was 77-point-1 percent in 2016 and … Read more >

Dahle Wants Special Wildfire Committee Formed

With the Legislature getting ready to take a summer break in a couple of weeks, and fire season now upon us, Nevada County’s Assemblyman is continuing to push for a special conference committee on the issue. Brian Dahle, who is … Read more >

Miller Accepts Victory in Supervisor Race

One of the close races in the June election has been decided. Candidate for District Three Supervisor Hilary Hodge has conceded the race to incumbent Dan Miller. Only about 200 votes separate the two candidates, but Hodge’s campaign says there … Read more >

Another Record Low Unemployment Rate Here

Another record low unemployment rate for Nevada County. The May rate is three-point-two percent, a drop of just one-tenth of a point from April, and a drop of six-tenths of a point from a year ago. Luis Allejo, with the … Read more >

Grass Valley Air Attack Base Opens Early

A reminder that fire season is upon us. Grass Valley’s Air Attack Base is open, and crews have already been out fighting fires. The base is normally scheduled to open on June 15, which is today, but commander Jake Sjoland … Read more >

Tour Highlights Nevada City Cemeteries

The Nevada County Library is hosting a new tour out of the Doris Foley Library in Nevada City on Saturday. The event combines a hosted walking tour of two Nevada City cemeteries and a workshop on how to use library … Read more >

Close Call For Cement Truck Driver Who Overturns

A close call for a cement mixer truck driver in Nevada County early Thursday morning. CHP Officer Mike Steele says 28-year-old Glenn Jeffrey of Grass Valley was on Tyler Foote Road near Oak Tree Road… click to listen to Officer … Read more >

Nevada Co Vote Margins Narrow From Latest Update

The second Nevada County vote update since Election Night has been released. And the most notable change is that challenger Erin Minett is now tied with incumbent Evans Phelps for the second open seat on the Nevada City Council. And … Read more >

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President Trump and the White House have totally miscalculated the politics of separating immigrant families.
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Super-sensitive earthquake sensors registered seismic activity at two sites in Mexico City that coincided with what proved to be the winning goal by Mexico's star player, Hirving Lazano.
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Actress Mary McCormack posted a video of her husband's car on fire in West Hollywood saying it went up in flames "out of the blue."
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