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Flood Concerns Stall Northern Queen Inn Expansion

Most of the plans for a major expansion of the Northern Queen Inn have received the blessing of the Nevada City Planning Commission. But there was one notable exception. Commission member Peter Van Zant says they couldn’t approve most of … Read more >

Nevada County Jobless Rates Pre-Pandemic Levels

Another minor drop in Nevada County’s unemployment rate. At three-point-seven-percent, in December, that’s a three-tenths-of-a-point decline, from November. But Phelan Burns, the business service representative with the Alliance for Workforce Development in Grass Valley, says it’s a more notable three-point … Read more >

Hospital Numbers Climb Along with Cases

Almost 200 more cases added to an already overwhelming number of new COVID cases reported on the Nevada County Coronavirus Dashboard. The number of patients needing to go to the hospital is also on the rise Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital … Read more >

Blessing of your Animals Offered Here

Ceremonial blessings of companion animals occur throughout the world and broadly across most religions. And in Grass Valley, a group of monks from Southern India is returning to Animal Save, for the first time since the pandemic began, for a … Read more >

Adopt-A-Highway Volunteers Can Now Get Paid

You see them cleaning up litter along state highways most days. And some of Cal Trans’ Adopt-A-Highway volunteers have also been getting paid, including District Three, which includes Nevada County. Our district, and one in the San Diego region, were … Read more >

Pandemic Continues To Plague Center For Arts

It’s been bad timing from the get-go, with rennovation of the Center for the Arts In downtown Grass Valley completed around the time of the start of the pandemic, in March of 2020. And live shows didn’t resume in the … Read more >

Cinderella Project’s Future Assured

The Nevada County Cinderella Project is a nonprofit that provides free dresses, gowns, and other attire to high school students for proms and other special events. And with the president stepping down from the job, the project has now become … Read more >

Public Health Continues to Wrestle With COVID

Another 396 cases added to the Coronavirus Dashboard Wednesday afternoon bring the number of new cases reported this week to over 1000… As the numbers of COVID cases continues to get bigger and bigger, Public Health officials caution us that … Read more >

NevCo Schools COVID Reminders Sent Out

Parents of students in Nevada County schools have been sent state COVID guidance reminders to help curb the case surge, in order to keep classrooms open. Nevada Joint Union High School District Superintendent Brett McFadden says that means children showing … Read more >

Libraries Closing Again To Indoor Services

Most libraries have always been very cautious, when it comes to dealing with the pandemic. And with no major drop in the omicron surge expected anytime soon, Nevada County Librarian Nick Wilczek says all local branches have implemented another pause … Read more >

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