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Three Weekend Major Accidents With One Fatality

With finally a completely dry and warmer weekend, that also meant more motorists on the road in Nevada County. So the local office of the Highway Patrol was very busy. That included two DUI crashes on Highway 49 near Alta … Read more >

A Less-Restricted Holiday Season Is A Blessing

What a difference a year makes!  “This holiday season” (boy, how many times will we hear that phrase again in advertising?) should mean gatherings with more family members that aren’t under the COVID cloud.  Even though the case rate is … Read more >

Are Kids Having Enough Fun This COVID Summer?

I realize there are more fun things for kids to do inside the modern home these days. But I know I speak for many parents and grandparents that fun outside the home is still pretty limited. Or maybe I should … Read more >

Limbaugh Says Cancer Fight Could Mean More Time Away From Radio Show

This article is from Inside Radio.com… As he has battled advanced lung cancer in recent months, Rush Limbaugh has been uncharacteristically personal, sharing sporadic updates about his health. On Tuesday, Limbaugh’s latest dispatch offered a glimpse of what could be … Read more >

Doctor Cutler Needs to Talk More

It’s been a long month. It was a month ago yesterday when California issued its shelter in place order, and longer than that since states of emergency were declared because of coronavirus. If you watch or listen to the constant … Read more >

Fortunately, Coronavirus Is Just Inconvenient For Now

This is not a brag or a boast. It’s actually a little sad, and kind of pathetic, really. It’s something that maybe I’ll be able to continue to use to my advantage, though. With all of the social distancing, large … Read more >

Cornavirus Means Missed Spelling Bee and Sister Visit

The coronavirus concerns, like for many people, affects me on a personal level. I was looking forward to visiting with my two sisters in the Bay Area. One lives there, the other was flying in from Missouri. But her trip … Read more >

The Sky Has Fallen!! Sports Has Stopped

So Wednesday, when I got home from work, I turned on ESPN and learned that the NCAA basketball tournament was going to played in empty arenas due to the potential spread of coronavirus. For reasons I’ll explain in a moment, … Read more >

So Much For California’s Early Primary

It was not only supposed to increase voter turnout, but holding a presidential primary on Super Tuesday, rather than just weeks before the nominating convention, was supposed to make California matter when it came to choosing the President of the … Read more >

KNCO High School Hoops 2020 Schedule

KNCO HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL BROADCAST SCHEDULE TH JANUARY 9        Bear River Girls          vs         Encina Prep                 5:30 PM                                     Bear River Boys          vs         Encina Prep                 7:00 PM TU JANUARY 14      Nevada Union Boys   vs         Placer                          7:30 PM WE JANUARY 15     … Read more >

Nevada Union Gets First League Win in Seven Years

I seem to recall that when I was in high school, our football team only won one league game during the four years I was there. I don’t have immediate access to the facts to back it up, but I … Read more >

A Great ‘Great Race’

In 1965, there was a movie starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Natalie Wood. It was about a 1908 road rally from New York to Paris. In 1983, a group of vintage car lovers took that idea and turned it … Read more >

Body of Missing Nevada City Man Found

A Nevada City man who’d been missing since Monday has been found dead in a wooded area. The Chief Deputy Coroner for the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department, Mike Sullivan, says they received a call late Thursday afternoon…. The body was … Read more >

Little County Tries Big New Way to Vote

If you are in the news reporting business like I am, it seemed like this day would never come. Not because it’s such a momentous occasion, but because we’ve been talking about it for-ever. Of course, we’ll be talking about … Read more >

Welcome Changes To News Department

Congratulations to Geoff Flynn’s promotion to News Director, in light of Rita Steven’s retirement. Geoff has a passion and energy for how news should be presented. And welcome back Paul Haas. Paul will be that “utility player” we’ve been needing … Read more >

‘Total Eclipse of the Park’ Lights Out in Oregon

KEIZER, Oregon—Leave it to minor league baseball to turn a once in a lifetime occurrence into a promotion. Leave it to someone like me to spend time seeing a once a lifetime occurrence at a place like a ball park. … Read more >

Happy To Be Here

Just wanted to introduce myself. It’s now been one month at KNCO and it’s great to be working with a team again. It was getting a bit lonely at my previous employer, KUBA radio in Yuba City, where I’d worked … Read more >

Marysville Gears Up for Gold Sox Summer

It’s something that happens every year around here, and has since 2003. A bunch of college guys, mostly from northern California but a few scattered from various parts of the country, come here to play baseball. They don’t stay long, … Read more >

Got That Perfect Bracket? Odds Are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808:1

Selection Sunday is over. You’ve got your bracket sheet. Games actually start this evening, but your office pool doesn’t start until Thursday. You are pouring over the matchups. You’re not sure how UCLA got in but you still think they … Read more >

Is March the Best Sports Month of the Year?

Baseball camps are open in Florida and Arizona. College basketball is gearing up for tournament time. The sports fan has to divide his or her time between worrying about who’s going to be the fifth starter for his or her … Read more >

Good Bye 2014, You Were a Strange Year

In a couple of nights, we’ll be saying good bye to the year 2014. But even though the countdown right now still has days and hours, rather than mere seconds, a look back reveals some things that aren’t going to … Read more >

Despite Plenty of Time to Plan, Ferguson Burns

If you’ve had CNN on with the sound down (as we do at work) at all during the last two weeks, you knew a decision was coming. The news leader made it seem like it was going to happen at … Read more >

Giants Still Not that Good, but Somehow the Best

Okay Giants fans. Congratulations on your team winning the World Series. I’m not sure how they did it, but they did it. They bested the Kansas City Royals four games to three, went 12-5 during the postseason, and knocked the … Read more >

Giants Baseball: They’re Not That Good

While National League baseball fans in northern California get whipped into a frenzy about another even-year championship for the San Francisco Giants, one (especially as a Dodger fan) has to constantly wonder how this team could possibly be in this … Read more >

What Happens at KNCO…

…Doesn’t necessarily stay in house. Some photos of your favorite KNCO employees while taking a break from work. Account executives (from left to right) Allison Swartzendruber, Joe Hevia, and Dan Taliaferro–all celebrating birthdays in September.     KNCO’s Phil Condict … Read more >

Before and After the Fair Opens

Before…       After…    

A Groundhog Day Worth Remembering

Poor Phil Connors. The guy spent purgatory in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The Bill Murray character in Groundhog Day had to relive the same day over and over and over again. Let’s face it, it could have been worse, like Palmdale or … Read more >

It’s Hoops Time!

High School hoops hits our airwaves starting tomorrow night (Friday), and KNCO is gearing up! We will have 16 games in just over five weeks, featuring boys and girls action from both Nevada Union and Bear River High Schools, plus … Read more >

0-10, But Still a Fun Season

They say you can’t win them all, but winning one would have been nice. At KNCO, I was fortunate in being given the assignment to broadcast one of the most storied high school football programs in the state. It didn’t … Read more >

I’m Not Ready For Some Football

The calendar has changed to September. The kids are going back to school. There was even an autumn-like rain shower today. That must mean its football season, right? You can’t stop the calendar, but to answer the proverbial question posed … Read more >

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, It’s Finally Happened!

Many people have been waiting for this moment for weeks. Months even. Some thought it would never get here. Everybody’s been talking about it, and there have been bets on when the moment would finally arrive. I think Kate Middleton … Read more >

Kings Are Staying! How Come I’m Not Excited?

It seems like a lifetime ago, but my life used to revolve around the Sacramento Kings. I had a job as statistician for Gary Gerould and the radio crew. I attended every home game (for many years driving 90 miles … Read more >

Nevada County. Comedy Central?

No one would blame you if you didn’t associate the greater Grass Valley/Nevada City/Rough and Ready general area with comedy and laughs, but maybe you should reconsider. Locals will tell you that Andy Samberg is here from time to time, … Read more >

One Heck of a News Week

As you walk into the cozy little newsroom at KNCO Radio, there is a rather small standard definition television mounted in the upper left corner. It is usually tuned to CNN with the sound down, and at noontime we check … Read more >

This Is My Last Birthday

To those of you who are reading this and are over 50, I apologize. Complaining about one’s age to someone who is older yields no compassionate response. However, I’m still a year away from the big 5-0, and I am … Read more >

Happy New Year

It seems like everyone is saying it. “I can’t believe the year is over already. It just flew by.” I suppose the older we get, the more it seems that way. 2012 was actually 24 hours longer than 2011, but … Read more >

The New Guy

I’d like to introduce myself, and tell you that that strange new voice you will be hearing on KNCO is probably mine. My name is Geoff Flynn, and I am the new reporter here at KNCO. Although I haven’t been … Read more >