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Dave Bear, the new Swap Shop Host! Dave has been in radio for a while. His first job was hosting a Swap Shop program in Craig, CO in the the late 70's. Most recently he co-hosted the morning show on our sister station STAR 94 FM, and helped with the creation of the Shopping Show on KNCO and former sister station KUBA in Yuba City. Dave worked at KUBA for 25 years in various capacities and has lived there for nearly as long. Dave has a big family and enjoys all his kids and now grandkids. His hobbies include woodworking, and you can see his work by checking out his website www.2bearswoodshop.com.

Recent Blog Posts

Farewell Good Friend

I’d like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Bella Luna Bear.  Bella came to live with us the day after Mothers Day 2011.  When I say Bella came to live with us, it was more that … Read more >

Making A Difference

One of the things I like best about working at KNCO is the ability to make a positive difference in a greta community.  This morning during KNCO Insight-Nevada County Action Tom made a great suggestion.  We had the Executive Director … Read more >

Homeowners and Home Insurance, not a happily ever after story

Owning a home in California isn’t for the faint of heart.  Even living far away from the urban, wilderness interface like I do.  Last October my Home Owners Insurer sent us a letter that they were pulling out of California … Read more >

It’s Been A While

So, I was reminded today that I hadn’t posted anything in the Blog-o-sphere for a very long time.  The last thing I posted was way back in March of 2020 as the lockdowns slammed into us.  It was a link … Read more >

Some Covid Links

I thought this might be a great place to put some local links for information: For Restaurant Availability and Hours For the latest from Nevada County Government https://www.mynevadacounty.com For the latest from the California Public Health Department www.cdph.ca.gov/covid19 As more … Read more >

Hand Washing Help

We’ve all been told that now it is more important than ever to wash your hands thoroughly. I’ve always been told to sing the Happy Birthday song twice to the end to wash long enough. I believe this is the … Read more >

Our Tom Turkey

Getting ready for the 2019 Turkey Drive tomorrow at Savemart from 9 to 4.

Happy Birthday Cinderella

Kinda fitting I think, it was on this day in 1950 Walt Disney released the movie Cinderella. In a Cinderella story, the Forest Lake Christian Lady Falcons are playing for the Nor-Cal Championship tomorrow evening against Etna. Go Flacons!! Cindy … Read more >

Peanutmobile Visit

Despite the rotten weather the Planters Peanutmobile dropped by the station for a visit this morning. STAR 94FM morning hosts Dave & Andi dropped everything and charged out for a closer look. Which became a quick get away. Driver Kelly … Read more >

Must See TV

No matter how your year went, this one was a busy one for the firefighters on our state. Locally, thankfully, it was a quiet season. But the men and women on the Thin Red Line were non-the-less busy lending a … Read more >

Turnin’ Back The Clock

I want to thank Ed Sylvester for sharing this picture with me.  It’s a slice of life from the ’60’s.  A couple shooting a selfie!

Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday

Celebrate National Selfie Day

Here’s mine:

Bugged By Telemarketers?

My phone is on the Do Not Call List…..my phone is also hooked up to a service called Nomo Robo (it’s free)  to stop Robot calls.  Still my phone rings with call congratulating me on “being able to receive this … Read more >

Thoughts While Waiting

I am writing this while waiting for a doctors appointment.  As usual my doctor is running behind, which leads to sitting in what I call The Big Room.  You know what I mean.  Out front  with all the sick people … Read more >

Happy Turtle Day!

Just found out I missed out!  Yesterday was Turtle day!  Here’s a friend I made while in Hawaii  

New News

Pretty exciting news here at KNCO. KNCO-AM will soon be adding a new FM signal!  This new signal will take the AM signal and rebroadcast it.  This means that if you have lost KNCO when KNCO is required to change … Read more >

How Not To React If You Are A Jaguars or Vikings fans

Traffic Requirement Or Plea

Saw this picture and I’m not sure if the sign is for the traffic or for the tree…..seems the tree has a different idea

Swap Shop Warning

As Swap Shop fans know over the years Swap Shop has gotten get calls from “people” that think being rude and vulgar is the same as being funny.  For many years these calls created havoc as the host had to … Read more >

Photo Tips For Winter Weather

Once upon a time I was a professional photographer.  Back in the days of film, and actual composition.  I was also a Certified Photographic Counselor, by the Photo Marketing Association.  So. every now and again I like to pass along … Read more >

Good Boy!

This dog has such good self control, and the look in his eyes say it all:

Thinking Of The Men and Women Who Ran Toward The Fire

This weekend I was in my shop and made this pen: It’s not my usual photo set up and the lighting is bad, but you can see that the highlite of this pen is a Thin Red Line. I know … Read more >

Where is this Year Headed?

How has this year flown by so fast?  Started the year with an evacuation, actually had to evacuate 3 times this year.  (Once from my home, twice from the office here)  Then summer came on like a blow torch.  It … Read more >

Whatta Fair!!!

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone that came by the KNCO Gazebo and said Hi!  I really appreciate the time we can finally meet face to face, and the input on what’s working and not working. The … Read more >

It’s Better Than Fair Time, It’s A GREAT Time!

This is my favorite time of the summer, Nevada County Fair Time.  I was stunned when I looked back at my history at the Nevada County Fair with KNCO.  I’ve been in the gazebo for every fair since 2004!  I … Read more >

Thanks To My Wood Donating Listeners

I wanted to show everyone some pens I just finished.  The special thing is these are all from pieces of wood brought in for me to work with in my shop.   From Left to Right: Osage Orange, Zebra Wood, … Read more >


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the listeners that came by Saturday at Sears.  Allison and I enjoyed meeting you!   I can’t wait to see you again in a couple months at the fair!!

What A Great Year

It’s been a year since the Union awarded me the title of #2 in Nevada County.  I’ve spent the year in my role as runner-up ready to take over in case anything happened to #1 Tom Fitzsimmons.   Well, Tom made … Read more >

Swap Shop Bargaining Tips

Have a good sense of humor! (as submitted from a listener)

Name Three Things Wrong With This Picture

Lowest Bidder Issues

Going The Extra Mile

Sometimes when you buy something online it is delivered when you’re not home.  When that happens I sure hope your delivery service person goes the extra mile you too: All I can say is……. Come Christmas Someone is looking to … Read more >

Your Package Has Been Delivered!

How rude, they didn’t bother to ring the bell!

Remodeling Idea

As Swap Shop listeners are aware my wife and I have been involved in a bathroom remodel that just won’t end.  We are making lots of progress, we both look at pictures of other people finished projects.  We blend those … Read more >

Sure Sign of Fall

On my way up to work this morning I was stunned by something I saw.  I remembered that I had a camera (my phone) and grabbed a picture: Sorry its blurry, I was driving and there wasn’t a break in … Read more >

Back To School Buying

I have to say, no longer having school age kids at home is nice.  Last week’s start of school came and went with no fuss, no stress, and no last minute runs to buy supplies.   Parents go to all kinds … Read more >

Off To Space….The Final Frontier

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s my main goal was to become an astronaut.  Too bad my math skills weren’t strong enough.  Yeah, that’s what I’m blaming it on.  Not the inner ear that cause car sickness most of … Read more >

A Fair To Remember

WOW!  The 2015 Nevada County Fair blew through here like a whirlwind, or perhaps The Zipper.  We all look forward to the fun of the fair, and then in the blink of an eye – it’s done.  I want to … Read more >

Idea For Swap Shoppers

As the host of KNCO’s Swap Shop program I know we move a LOT of older cars and trucks.  Most are either completed rebuilds, some are listed at “Projects”.   I saw this picture today and thought of how some of … Read more >

KNCO’s Newest News Person Recognized

As you are aware, KNCO has a new news person in the afternoons.   Chris Gilbert.  Chris is a great addition to the staff.  Chris and I worked together at KUBA in Yuba City for 25 years.  Recently the Yuba City … Read more >

It’s a Different Question

It’s no longer which came first the chicken or the egg…..But, Which came first the creamer or the sweetener?

Help Some Youngsters Feel The Love!

I mentioned these 2 youngsters who are facing a tough road on Swap Shop yesterday.  They’d like to hear from you.  Just a simple postcard with a nice note on it will suffice.  Here are the stories I read with … Read more >

This Picture

I’m not sure which is stronger……..my sense of play or my hunger????

The Hubble Space Telescope Never Dissapoints

Anyone that knows me knows, as a young man my goal was to be an astronaut.  My heart was in space, my head was filled with it.  So, Earthbound i remain. But I continue to follow all things related to … Read more >

Super Bowl Ads Disappoint

I guess it’s because I’m in the business of advertising, I spend time on Superbowl Sunday watching the ads.  I watch the game as well (A PASS????? Really?????), but I watch the ads with as eye on what is going … Read more >

Things Happen

Why is it that sometimes life seems to kick you in the gut?  I understand growth occurs through adversity.  I also think sometimes, well this sign says it best:   If the same bad things keep happening in your life….maybe … Read more >

Less Than A Half Mile

Having lived in Colorado for a few years, despite having been taught the number in school, you really learn how many feet there are in a mile.  5281 feet.  Everything related to Denver is referred to as a Mile High” … Read more >

A Lost – Found…Yet Still A Loss

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a blog here on KNCO.  I could claim lots of reasons, but honestly I just got lazy.  So, 2015 my work resolution is not get at least one post up … Read more >

Send A Christmas Card to A Wounded Solider

If you have an extra (or 2 or 3) Christmas card this year, brighten up the day of a wounded soldier.  Just address that card to : Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue  N.W. … Read more >

New Swap Shop Website Help

In order to register for selling: First – Go to KNCO.com  (click on that link open a new window at our homepage) Next – look for the Swap Shop box just to the right of the top story box and … Read more >


The headline really says it all.  Take a look!  All past posts have been deleted, so you will have to re-post any swap shop on-line ads.  (Just like I’ve been telling you on Swap Shop)

These are the days

The weatherman has blessed us with a beautiful weeks forecast.  I was talking with my Colorado brother last night.  It was cold and rainy.  They are expecting lows below freezing already.   Ahhhhhhhhhhh – gotta love California weather!

Smokers, Did Ya’ Know It’s Dry Out There?

– OR – KEEP YER BUTT’s IN YER CAR!   Hey smokers, I’m talking to you!  I hate to point out any specific group of people, because I hate have 3 fingers pointing back at me.  But, and this is … Read more >

Win Tickets To See The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Click here to enter to win a pair of tickets to see the World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra at the Center For The Arts Sunday September 7th at 7:00 PM! Entries close at 5PM September 4th, Tom Fitzsimmons will announce … Read more >

Cute Kitten Video! Now That I Have Your Attention

Sorry, bait and switch time…no kitten video here.  But here is something that I haven’t heard reported anywhere else.  American’s attention span is now even shorter than before. ****SPARKLE**** Had to get you to pay attention, sorry about the sparkle. … Read more >

Add Your Espy Vote for Evan Strong

Our own Olympic Gold medalist Evan Strong is in the running for an Espy award!  ESPN hands these babies out annually to the worlds top athletes.  Evan is in the Best Male Athlete With Disability category.   If you want … Read more >

When Bears Go Bad

I Wonder . . . . . What Does This Person Dream?

Has Our Society Collapsed This Badly?

I am afraid, very afraid!

Halfway To The Vet

“I sure hope the brakes work as well as the accelerator”


As the son of a World War II veteran, the anniversary of D-Day pulls at my heart.  I once heard a aerial photo interpreter discuss the photo’s of that “Longest Day”.  What he said made an impact, “Every dot is … Read more >

We’ve Been Robbed!

We, as a community have been robbed!  Here at KNCO we’ve been poking fun at the city of Grass Valley about the spring that was exposed last fall.  You know the one on East Main.  It’s been dubbed Swarthout Creek … Read more >

AAAAAnd We’re Back!

As of this writing, the KNCO website is all the way back to normal! April has been a month to forget.  Good thing Cinco de Mayo is only a week away!

Almost There!

The website is nearly back to normal.  Bear with us another day or two.  You can use the Pet Patrol page, the Birthday/Anniversary page, Lunch Bunch sign-up page. We are testing the schools closure program.  You will see a closure … Read more >

If You Can See This

You are one lucky hombre!

Just Might Be Perfect

Before you look at this picture and dismiss me as a crack pot, which isn’t probably too far from the truth anyway.  Understand this, I do care about what i put in my body….these are made with sweet potato fries … Read more >

Watch this Whole Video

If you can and still have a dry eye . . . . . Hero Honored  

Swap Shop Website Issues

As you may have heard on Swap Shop, the website is down.  The issue is with the “webmasters” who run the nuts and bolts of the KNCO website.  They were moving their clients to new servers.  That’s usually a good … Read more >

Look Out Below!

Woody said it best, “There’s A Snake In My Boots!”

At Least It Was Over Early

As a long time Denver Bronco’s fan I am accustomed to Superbowl blowouts.  This one was over with the first snap.  When I looked up to see the ball flying past Manning’s freakishly large noggin, I had a sinking feeling … Read more >

That’s How To End A Working Vacation!

WOW!  What a week.  I spent my vacation working my buns off with my brother Rick.  We spent the time getting my Mom moved from Arizona to California.  She’s been living on her own for 4 years now and it’s … Read more >

Gotta Admire The Little Man

Anyone who listens to Swap Shop knows I have two little Chihuahuas.  I never EVER imagined myself the proud, happy owner of such a small dog.  Chihuahua’s have a well deserved reputation for the disproportionate amount of noise they make … Read more >

Don’t Give Up On Your Food Related Resolution

New year after New Year the number one resolution people make is to loose weight.  A noble and difficult endeavor (ever notice the end of that word kinda looks like devour?  just sayin). As we’ve all been reminded to death … Read more >

Musical Infections MUST Be Stopped!

2014 – Off To A Great Start

Well, we made it.  Another New Year underway and things are looking great already!  As you may know, my Mom is making a big move this month.  After living in Arizona for the past 26 years, she is moving near … Read more >

One Last Christmas Thought

Winter’s Icy Grip

I’m not sure which is more disturbing….that Winter’s Icy Grip has descended on us, or it appears to be an actually Icy Grip!

Sing along with me . . . . . .

Oh, Give me a home where the

Holiday Attitudes

It’s the time of the year when attitudes can make the difference between enduring a shopping trip or enjoying some time with your partner.  So as you examine this picture you have to ask, Is the tree half full, half … Read more >

Thanks! And See You Soon!!

Just wanted to thank everyone who came by The Christmas Goose craft show and sale this past weekend.  I saw a few folks that made the trek to Yuba City from Grass Valley.  I was happy to see them! If … Read more >

Ready For Winter Weather?

Just looking ahead at the forecast I thought this little weather predicting tip would come in handy! Stay Warm My Friends!

People And Their Pets

I don’t need to tell you how smart your pet is….because I know just how smart my pets are!  Our pets become such an intrigal part of our lives that they and we start to share many things.  Including looks. … Read more >

New KNCO Transmitter

We have great news here at the radio ranch, our brand new transmitter has arrived.  One week after it’s promised deliver date it showed up yesterday. And here’s the proof!   Even with it’s newness there may be problems in … Read more >

Before You Complain

I will admit I complain about some really silly things sometimes.  We all do.  We all need to be called on it. Before you complain about the next thing that doesn’t go your way I’d like you to take a … Read more >

Summing Up

WOW!  What a wonderful time my wife & I had in Hawaii. From the moment we arrived to the time we got off the plane in Sacramento it was a memorable trip.  I was lucky enough to grab a couple … Read more >

Wardrobe Differences

As you know my wife & i are getting ready to take a vacation.  Last night my darling wife asked what i was packing to wear.  My answer, a few t-shirts, a couple golf shirts, shorts, socks and underwear.  It’s … Read more >

Took A Little Tour

This morning on my way into work I had an errand to run in the Brunswick Basin.  After I got all done I decided a trip through the construction zone was in order.  It has been a couple months since … Read more >

Two Words

Never Forget

Phishing In The Wrong Hole

I was just checking my email inbox and discovered a note from “Patricia”.  It seems she is stuck overseas.  She and her her unnamed partner took off on an unexpected and unannounced trip.  No one knows she left you see.  … Read more >

WOW! Summer Must Truely Be Over!!

Here we are on the far side of Labor Day.  The traditional end of summer weekend.  Unless you live in Northern California.  Let’s face it, we normally have at least another 8 weeks of dry warm weather.  And by warm … Read more >

Things That Catch My Eye

This morning something caught my eye.  It wasn’t the fact that the roadwork in Marysville seems to have been mostly finished.  Nope.  That was a nice surprise, but expected at some point. My workday usually starts with a trip into … Read more >

Get Ready For The Weekend

Sitting here on a Friday morning, looking forward to a great weekend.  My wife & i are taking a cooking class together.  We are learning to make gourmet chocolate desserts! If your weekend plans are in need of some inspiration … Read more >

Tuesday Was A Big Day!!

Not many celebrated, but they should have!  Yesterday was “Radio Day”!!  Think for a minute about the impact radio makes in your daily life. You learn what’s making news while you’re driving to and from work, school, & play.  Traffic … Read more >

Pictures From The Gazebo

Just a heads up….all the pictures we took in the KNCO gazebo are now posted.  If you want to take a look at this years Rogues Gallery just click on “Community” then click on the “Event Photo” tab. Your challenge, … Read more >

Aaaannnnnnnd – We’re back!

Wow!  What a great Nevada County Fair!  I enjoy the fair every year.  The people that drop by the gazebo, the fun atmosphere, the tasty food.  Thanks to all the Swap Shoppers that came by to chat with me, you … Read more >

A Mood Booster

I saw an article this morning that I can’t wait to put to the test.  Apparently scientists have discovered a new drug free way to boost your mood.  The next time you are feeling a little blue try it out.  … Read more >

The Most Awesome Idea EVER!!!!!

I can not tell a lie, this is not my idea.  I would however, like to invest!  Take a look: The idea is simple.  Take a standard pack of Oreo cookies.  Three trays normally filled with everyones favorite way to … Read more >

Thoughts On Air Travel

It’s good to be back home.  I really enjoyed my extended weekend with my Mom in Phoenix.  Got a lot of stuff done with her and for her.  For instance, I bet she’s reading this blog (Hi Mom!) The coming … Read more >

Another Reason I Love Fairtime in Nevada County

As a kid the county fair was never a big deal in my family.  Urban dwellers that we were, we had our fill of twirly rides when the traveling rides would fill an area shopping center parking lot.  And animals?  … Read more >

Quick Trip To “The City”

My wife & I were unexpectedly invited to a special meeting in San Francisco Sunday afternoon and what an adventure we had. The meeting was kind of a spur of the moment thing.  We got the call at 12:30 Sunday … Read more >

Confession Of A Man Child

It’s time I came clean.  I like cartoons.  Animated movies are some of my favorites!  Okay I love Casablanca best of all and there’s nothing animated about that movie (Except for the over top way Claude Rains plays his part … Read more >

How Santa ALWAYS Finds His Reindeer

Another Trip Around the Sun

Thanks to everyone that has taken time to pass along their birthday wishes.  Funny thing about birthdays.  I don’t feel any older than I did yesterday.  Yet Senior Discounts are suddenly a subject of conversation!  When did I get to … Read more >

My Sides Hurt

Tip of the hat to The Center For The Arts.  They made a great decision when it came to grabbing Bill Cosby for a show! This was my second Cosby performance.  First time I was 19, and thought I got … Read more >


These French Fries could blow up when they hit the oil!

An Attempt To Out Run The Heat

My wife and I decided one day (Saturday) of better than 110 degree heat was enough.  We took the bull by the horns and planned a getaway.  Mountains are cooler than valleys, right? We pointed our car toward Squaw Valley … Read more >

Ever Lost Your Luggage?

Summertime is travel time for many people.  Load up the family and take a trip somewhere. I spent at least two weeks every summer in the back seat of my parent’s car looking out the window.   “Getting there was half … Read more >

Why Does Summer Look Like Fall?

Really????  High temps in the 50’s???? Four days ago science tells us that the Summer season began.  The seasonal clock rolled over at 10:05 PM Thursday.  Spring to Summer.  The tilt of the Earth  put the Sun over the Tropic … Read more >

Soapbox Gauntlet Thrown

KNCO’s afternoon news anchor Paul Haas (aka “Ricky Bobby Haas”) will be behind the wheel of the “KNCO Media Eater” Soapbox derby car.  Paul has been fine tuning his ride all week and is reportedly ready to represent KNCO in … Read more >

Time Flies

It’s no secret that I am the proud grandfather of two.  Also no secret that my daughter’s family lives in Holland.  So my contact with these two munchkins has been via video and photo.  None the less watching them grow … Read more >

Happy Fathers Day

I hope all you fathers had as nice a day as I did.  Being a step parent is never easy.  Your opinion carries no weight.  Your decisions on issues of discipline are viewed through the lens of “You’re NOT my … Read more >

Fathers Day Weekend

Taking a page from cartoonist Bill Keene (Family Circus) I am allowing someone else to write my blog today so I can start the Father Day weekend early.   I’m not sure who wrote this but I real liked it so … Read more >

Facebook is EVERYWHERE!

I Am Worried About The Human Race

This heat wave is worrying me.   Our nation used to be strong and smart.  We knew how to handle situations.  Now we have to be told how to behave in every situation. Our forefathers had the foresight and intelligence to … Read more >

Hunger Games Style Politics

By now you’ve either read the Hunger Games books, or seen the first of the movies from that book trilogy.  So the set up is familiar, a region’s champion is chosen by blind lottery.  Those chosen are then subjected to … Read more >

Highway 20 – 70 Detours Day 1

Patience and and early departure.  Those are my best pieces of advise concerning the newly begun roadwork on Highways 20 & 70 in the Marysville area. My first drive from Yuba City into the work zone started 15 minutes early.  … Read more >

Never Fear, I Will Be Here . . . . . . . . Eventually

I have a really great job!  I get to sleep a full nights sleep, which after doing morning radio for 18 years is a real shock to my system.  I get to do a job that uses all my skill … Read more >

Back To Work

After a couple weeks that saw me miss a day due to illness, I have to say this….. I could really get used to 4 day weeks! As a youngster I always looked forward to summer vacation because I could … Read more >

Another Big Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend!!!!! Once again Americans will gather to have the official first barbecue of the summer this weekend.   Brats will be roasted.  Burgers will be seared.  Steaks and chops will be marinated.  Beverages will be quaffed.  Fun will be … Read more >

Four Letter Words Starting With An Old Favorite

Curse words have been making the news lately.  The most startling report shows that cursing can actually help relieve pain.  When you smash your toe in the dark, hit your finger with a hammer, or otherwise cause injury to yourself … Read more >

The Clang Without The Click

This morning I was in the newsroom laughing about some of the local scofflaws.  The general consensuses was that it’s too bad idiocy can’t be outlawed. I asked why not?  Laws could be drafted that could create extra charges of … Read more >

Defending The Android

I was among the first people I knew to jump on the iPod bandwagon years and years ago.  I spent hours upon  hours downloading my favorite songs onto my iPod.  One of the benefits of working in radio is access … Read more >

Look For The Swap Shop Car

24 hours of Daytona fans look for this Porsche: Who says there are too many hours in a day?  Thanks Louis!

I Never Knew

Sponge Bob Shining Pants

I Could Be A Real Help Here

My daily schedule is really very nice.  After working the morning drive show for nearly 18 years, getting up at 3:45 AM, not getting  home till 3 PM, I am now spoiled.  In the 2 years since I did my … Read more >

Back To Normal Monday

Come Monday, it’ll be all right.  Come Monday Tom Fitzsimmons will be back on the air in the mornings.  Come Monday I’ll be back on in the afternoons tending to the Swap Shop Bar and Grill.  I want to say … Read more >

What Is The Great Nation Coming To?

AS I was getting ready for my current assignment, filling in for Tom on the morning show, I came across a news story that I just had to share here.  It made me both sad, and mad.  Sad and mad … Read more >

Heros Still Being Heroic

I saw this video this morning and had to share it with you.  It features wounded soldiers speaking to the victims Survivors of the Boston bombings.  See you can watch it and not get a little choked up : Heros … Read more >


I make my living from advertising.  No two ways to look at it.  That’s why I like to examine ads.  See what makes them successful, or not.  Sometime the answer is obvious: Right?

Back to Normal

For the first day in a week things can return to normalcy.  No feeling that if you aren’t glued to a radio or a TV for the latest news you are missing out.  Things are normal again. The hard thing … Read more >

Holy Screamin’ Goats!

There was a news story that crossed my desk out of Tennessee.  It involved a call to the sheriff’s department there to report someone crying for help.  Upon investigation the source of the screams – a goat tied to a … Read more >

Practicality – Out The Window

Over the weekend my wife and I were doing our shopping.  We do part of our shopping at a big box store because I guess we really do need 300 rolls of toilet paper. I’ve always noticed how many other … Read more >

First Rule Of Sales

I’ve had a few different jobs in my life.  None as satisfying as radio.  Most were related to selling stuff.  My first job was sales at a card camera and gift shop.  I sold cameras.  The first thing the boss … Read more >

Redneck Fun Goes International

If you have slightly more than a minute to yourself. If you have ever wondered if the “Dukes Of Hazzard” inspired men and boys outside the boarders of the USA. If you though “Buck Wild” was a purely American possibility. … Read more >

A Tough Day In History

When I got here today I look a look at the almanac of today’s events in history.  What a hard day it’s been throughout history! First, and most dramatic this is the 101st anniversary of the sailing of the HMS … Read more >

Not Sure Why

Sure it’s Monday.  Sure I had a great weekend.  But WHY am I so ready to fall asleep today?  I blame the wind.  Not sure why, but that’s my story . . . . . . . .


Whether it is driving, or eating dinner, or dealing with people I have always been a big proponent of manners.  One of the important aspects of manners is not talking with your mouth full of food. Gary Jacobson brought a … Read more >

Giants Fans – Looking Good!

Just a short note to my fellow San Francisco Giants fans…we are right were we want to be! Sure we lost the opening day game to the dreaded Dodgers.  Before you rend your clothing and tear out your hair, it’s … Read more >

Round and Round And Round We Go

We’re in a spin, that old traffic circle magic.  My apologies to Johnny Mercer for butchering his lyrics. The traffic circle/round-about on Idaho-Maryland and East Main is a never ending source of mirth and mystery.  The etiquette of who goes … Read more >


I have been sitting here for the better part of an hour staring at a blank screen.  I’ve had a few false starts on this blog.  Only to delete it all. It all started this morning.  The alarm went off, … Read more >

New Development In Transportation

We all remember the ’60’s, right?  Or at least parts of the them.  I remember being promised flying cars by the year 2001.  Here is is 2013 and I am still ground bound. It seems people don’t want to get … Read more >

Transmitters and Radio

As many of you know KNCO spent the weekend blipping on and off the air.  The transmitter was having issues (Sorry to drop technical terms on you like that) that our excellent engineer has finally tracked down.  Ask anyone tasked … Read more >

Bracketology – A Road Map To The Title

College basketball’s Big Dance started yesterday.  68 teams trying to become the top team in the nation.  Of those 68 teams, experts say, only about 30 have a real chance.  to win it all. I have to say it is … Read more >

I Saw Too Much – My Eye’s Still Hurt!

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we sprang forward with our clocks.  I really enjoy the sun being up when I get home.  It allows me to join my wife for the daily walking of the dogs. We … Read more >

Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend – Be Safe!

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of March!  As they say in the great state of Texas – The Ides of march are upon us!  A great day to be alive,  just ask Brutus…it’s a tough day to be … Read more >

Good News!

It’s all a matter of perspective.   The wonderful manicotti my wife made for dinner last night (and a few lunches this week) was found on the counter this morning.  We didn’t get it in the fridge before we went to … Read more >

Stereotypes, Closer To The Truth Than We Like

Earlier this week I walked into the station’s kitchen station to put my lunch in the fridge, lo and behold the Muffin Fairy had paid a visit.  So had the Apple Fairy. Someone had brought in a bag of really … Read more >

Been A Tough Week or Two

I have to apologize for my lack of blogging recently.  Things in my life are a little upside sideways right now. It has to do with my Mom.  She just turned 92!  Along with a large number, that means there … Read more >

Tuesday’s Noon News

If you were listening to the KNCO Noon News and thought things sounded a little off…. Nuff said?

Not That I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

Just a quick note today.  I was pointed to this stress relieving website the other day.  It’s amazing.  Perfect for the artist and the non artist as well.  Just don’t rat me out if your boss asks what you are … Read more >

Back To Normal

Wow!  What a wild week of weather!  Tuesday’s snow storm really knocked us for a loop didn’t it? The good news is, it was a short storm.  The following weather was warm enough to melt most of the offensive white … Read more >

Remember Tiger Woods As A Kid On The Mike Douglas Show?

Here’s a clip to remind you of 2 year old Tiger Woods on TV with Mike Douglas.  The other two guys with Mike are a couple of golfing celebrities you may have heard about Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart. Tiger … Read more >

A Close Miss

Well, if you are reading this – – – we made it. I know I wrote the same thing back in December when we dodged the Mayan Apocalypse.  But seriously, who thought that was a real thing? This is a … Read more >

Valentines Day

There should be no doubt, I am the luckiest guy in the world.  My best friend is my Valentine.  Donna is the reason my sun rises in the morning and why there stars shine so bright in my world.    I … Read more >

How Bad Do We Have It?

This winter has been so good to us so far.  The snow has stayed up and when it has fallen here it’s been pretty light.  This past weekend the winter storm that plastered the North East was one for the … Read more >

Something New For California

Our wonderful state has a rich history.  From that history have come many of our state’s icons.  “California Republic Flag”  “Eureka”  “The State Seal” Each with their own story.  Each story semi interesting. Like the story of The State Seal”.  … Read more >

Once Again MIT To The Rescue

We’ve all seen the movie “Good Will Hunting” right?  So , we all know just how smart the people are at MIT. These genius’ have now come up with a stop light based ice cube to tell you when you’ve … Read more >

Super Bowl Answers

Well the “Big Game” is now history and there is nothing for football fans to do but wait 6 long hot months for the next season.  Sure there is the Combine, then The Draft, but only those truly lost in … Read more >

A Thousand and Eight Word Blog

  How men learn to read in the bathroom . . . . . . .

Priority Number ONE

Tuesdays are long days at the Bear household.  My wife and I don’t normally wrap up the day together until after 9PM.  Tuesdays are to say the least both exhilarating and challenging.  Last night was no different. At some time … Read more >

Just Do The Math Bill

According to Forbes Magazine, Bill Gates is getting richer.  Even though he and his wife no longer work, and have been actively been giving away huge chunks of their 65 Billion dollar fortune.  They just aren’t giving it away fast … Read more >

Ladies, You’ve Been Warned

Beyonce is the Super Bowl Halftime entertainer this year.  It should be a heck of a show, lot’s of energy.  I’ve seen a preliminary set list and was surprised that she didn’t include “Put A Ring On It”.  It was … Read more >

Is this Website Really Necessary?

There is a website out there for billionaires.  People with the money, but not the time to shop in person for extravagant lifestyle goodies.  The Billionaires Shop came to my attention because I work hard to find nonsense in this … Read more >

What A Difference A “W” Makes

At first glance I was concerned that somehow this was a horribly gone wrong cloning accident.  Then I realized it was merely a clowning incident. In life spelling really does count . . . . . . . . .

The Kings Will Be No More

I’ve already said my farewell to the Sacramento Kings.  It seems the team is on it’s way to the great Northwest and the wetter climes of Seattle. I cut my emotional ties to the team when the Maloof’s quit fielding … Read more >

Checked Out The Chips Aisle Lately?

There was a time that the biggest new thing on the potato chip aisle was ridges.  Chips that had been strengthened so you could use them to scoop up more dip.  Heck, those chips may be the beginning of the … Read more >

Farewell Kings

In 1985 the Kansas City Kings moved to Sacramento.  I have to say I was no huge fan of the Kings.  Until I spent a few nights listening to the games as I was driving down the highway.  To be … Read more >

12-21-12 Really Was The End!

We all laughed at those few that sold all their property and waited for the end of the world on December 21st, 2012.  It was the day the Mayan Long Count Calendar ended, it was dubbed “The Mayan Apocalypse”.   Of … Read more >

Why I Live Where I Do

Over my vacation I had a chance to talk with my brother in Colorado.  He’s the property manager of an estate there in Steamboat Springs. He was moaning about how much snow had fallen there and how having to plow … Read more >

Really, Back To Work

I guess vacation really is over.  I know I was here yesterday, but that first day back is different. That first day back…everyone is glad you are back.  Why?  Because they have been doing a part of your job as … Read more >

I Was Wrong

Well, so much for my wonderful stupendous fantastic vacation.  It was all those things plus relaxing and re-energizing. My wife & I had so much fun!  Laughed and acted like kids for nearly 2 weeks.  We went to see 3 … Read more >

What A Year!

Here we are, the last workday of 2012 for me.  Wow!  Has this year flown past. I want to thank each of you for pitching in to make this a year for the record books. Yesterday alone, you demonstrated again … Read more >

Careful What You Put Up Your Nose

It was a beautiful afternoon a few years ago, I was sitting with my wife as she was catching up on some Tivo’d Oprah shows.  That alone should tell you how long ago it was.   Her guest was Dr. Oz.  … Read more >

Careful When You Read This

What time is it? Is it past 11 AM?  If so, congratulations!  You’ve made it past the most dangerous time of the day. According to the Annals Of Neurology Humans are fragile.  We die and we die as we age.  … Read more >

Farewell Friend

9 years ago a new friend invaded our lives.  Copper showed up at our house attached to our youngest son.  A skinny red dog, with a sweet smile.  He said he found her and asked if we could keep her?  … Read more >

It’s A Good Feeling

I don’t mean to brag, but I guess I am bragging….. My Christmas Shopping is all done.  

Lost! And Not The ABC series.

As you know my wife & I ordered new smart phones on Thanksgiving morning.  The shipping took another week, the 2 boxes were delivered last Friday morning. We decided that since these were Christmas presents to each other we would … Read more >

100 Percent Sales Tax?!?!?!?!?!

I have been very proud of my Dumb Phone.   Two years ago It was the smartest cell phone you could get without having to buy a data plan.  Now after two years, it’s kinda of a pain. Small screen, non-responsive … Read more >

Getting Things Ready

Hope your Thanksgiving Eve is going well, all the stocking hung by the oven with care.  In hopes that St. Gluttony will soon be there. Things here have been moving fast, with the short week things are compressed like crazy.  … Read more >

Fastest Week Of The Year

this summer we had the 4th of July fall on a Wednesday and it really messed with everyone’s schedule.  It was a week with two Mondays and two Fridays. Now Thanksgiving is upon us and this week, for me anyway, … Read more >


Wow!  My weekend went by at supersonic speed.  First off a huge Thank you to everyone that came by and said Hi at the Goose sale.  A special Thank You to the people that bought a pen, or a couple … Read more >

How Could You Refuse This Bird?

This Saturday we at KNCO are asking you to help out the Nevada county Food Bank with your donations of food or cash.  From 8 Saturday Morning until 4 that afternoon the Nevada County Food Bank will have a truck … Read more >

Great Weekend – Crazy Monday

The good news is I actually got everything ready for my big show this weekend!  The bad news, I won’t be able to sell everything I prepared because the parts I needed to finish the short salt grinders were back-ordered.  … Read more >

This Is Your One Week Notice

Next Friday I won’t be here.  I will be busy setting up for my annual sale.  I am honored to be a part of a very prestigious group of crafters in Yuba City called the Goose. Next Friday evening from … Read more >

Growing Older Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

But it sure beats the alternative!  There’s a new study of older Americans just out.  This one looks at how we all get around.  Is it safer for people over 70 to drive or to walk to their destinations. My … Read more >

Our Long National Nightmare….

Is Over! The elections of 2012 are in the books.  Now it’s a matter of waiting. How long do you think we will have to wait until we see our first news story out of New Hampshire about someone already … Read more >

Be A Patriot

I come from a family of patriots.  My father served during WWII as a B-24 pilot.  He flew 28 missions over Germany, flying the lead plane in 24 of those missions.  He is no longer with us, but he instilled … Read more >

Something Not New, toutted as New Again

Despite the occasional thematic redundancy that pops up here in my ramblings, I truly treasure originality.  I abhor the regurgitated state of entertainment.  Every other movie seems to be a “reboot” of a classic film.  Television shows are rarely original, … Read more >

All Done Voting

I’ve already written on the joys of voting by mail.  It’s nice, and simple and you can do it in your pajamas without the police being called. So to all the candidates still calling, still dropping stuff on in my … Read more >

Back To Normal

As you may have noticed this morning Tom was back for his short time off and that means I’m back to my normal times.  Thanks to everyone that said I did a great job. I enjoyed the challenge of the … Read more >

Happy Halloween!

Here’s hoping your Halloween is safe and sober or:


As you by now know I am a San Francisco Giants fan.  And I am one happy camper today.  However, this time it’s a different feeling.  In 2010 there was a giddiness, a certain disbelief, the feeling that a spell … Read more >

Brief Blog Of A Giants Fan

The word fan is drawn from the root word “fanatic” and when your team is playing for the World Championship it’s easy to see the correlation between the two words. I have yet to miss a game in the post … Read more >

A Day Radio People Live For

Wow, Monday was one crazy day!  I haven’t dealt with so many Tornado Warnings in my radio career ever.  Living in Yuba City I’ve issued a few, but never so many one after another.  Never had three different storms producing … Read more >

Improve Your Productivity

Want to make your boss happy?  Put up some pictures of cute baby animals.  Lots of them. It seems having pictures of cute animals around makes you a more productive worker.  These animal pictures should be of baby animals.  Pictures … Read more >

Back To Work

The good thing about loving your job, when vacation ends….it really doesn’t. My wife & I took off a few days for the wild shores of Southern Oregon.  The condo we rented was wonderful, the view was spectacular, the weather … Read more >

Karma Revisited

Remember a couple days ago I wrote about karma?  How able bodied people were tempting karma by asking for wheelchairs to avoid lines for airport security. Karma is alive and well in the world, just ask Tyler Myers.  It’s gonna … Read more >

Wish I Could Write More

Sorry, I’m keeping this one short today.  Normally my short bogs happen when I’m crazy busy.  Today not so busy. Giants are playing for their playoff lives . . . . . . .

Tired Of Airport Security Lines?

What Goes Around Comes Around, Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated, That’ll Come Back To Bite Me. For a very long time karma has been on my mind.   I gotta think the people I’m gonna talk about next … Read more >

Diaper Dilema

This story isn’t getting lots of press yet, I guess it just hasn’t hit the fan yet. An explosion at at Japanese chemical plant is going to effect the absorbency of diapers.  The company make an ingredient that makes the … Read more >

50 Years Ago Today

Sergent Pepper told the band to play . . . . Okay, that song came a few years later, but it was 50 years ago today The Beatles first song, Love Me Do, was released to American radio.  Beatlemania was … Read more >

Tough Summer For Farmers, Not So Bad For Cows

I get a lot of grief about my Indiana roots.  Everyone assumes that just because I came from Indiana, I lived on a farm.  Nope.  City boy here.  Fort Wayne is the 80th largest city in the nation and I … Read more >

Did Fleetwood Mac Have It Right?

Remember the great song from Fleetwood Mac song “Little Lies” where the singer encouraged the listener to tell her lies, tell her sweet little lies.  The song was referring to the heartbreak of a broken relationship, how the heart break … Read more >

Just A Quick Note

As anyone that has listened to my Swap Shop show (and that’s all of you, right?  Right??) knows I enjoy cooking.  I enjoy cooking for just my wife and I also enjoy cooking for the whole family. I also enjoy … Read more >

What Is Going On In The Sunshine State?

Another day, another wacky news story out of Florida.  What is going on down there?  If it’s not zombie like attacks with people attacking each other and chewing off their opponents body parts, it’s some other despicable crime. The most … Read more >

This Is A Test – This Is Only A Test

Hungry yet? According to new research, simply looking at a picture of something sweet kicks the cravings portion of your brain into gear.  Simply looking at the image makes you want sweets. How about now? This research mirrors research done … Read more >

When Does A Collection, become an Obsession?

I have had many collections in my life.  As a boy I collected army men (the little green plastic guys), I had enough Divisions to rival the Red Army.  Then I moved on to model airplanes.  I built one of … Read more >

Nice Weekend

Hard to believe it’s Monday already.  As a matter of fact, I was sitting chatting with my wife this morning and glanced at the clock, realized I had to leave in 30 minutes!  I hadn’t even made my morning tea, … Read more >

Making Up For Lost Time

I just realized my blogging has fallen off this week.  I haven’t posted in nearly a week!  With that in mind, I decided to really bring home the bacon with today’s blog. I have a confession, I like Slurppes.  You … Read more >

My Brain Will Live FOREVER!

New research is pointing out how to keep our brains sharper for longer.  It’s been established that the human brain has a limited amount of power to tackle difficult tasks.  The brain needs down time to allow a rebuilding of … Read more >

Small Fact

Not everyday is a great day.  Today, I am itching all over.  Things could be worse.  There could be a snake involved.  Like Indiana Jones, I Hate Snakes!  Hate Em! And then I hear there is a new bred of … Read more >

My Mind Wanders Sometimes

I saw a picture of actor Shia LaBeouf doing some work for his role in the movie Lawless the other day.  The first thing I thought was is he doing a movie about the show bomber Richard Reid?  You decide: … Read more >

What’s a Saturday In Reno Without Gambling

  My wife & I had a great little get away Friday night and Saturday in Reno.  The really funny thing is we didn’t drop a dime in the casinos!  Here’s what we did:   Where is the 5th Dimension … Read more >

Do You Really Have Time To Read This?

I hope the boss isn’t looking over your shoulder.  I also hope you have the time to sit back and read this blog today.  New research shows people checking social media sights lose productivity at a dramatic rate.  The lost … Read more >

My Feet Finally Feel Better!

Did you know there was a study called “The National Foot Health Assessment”?  I had no idea!  But now my feet feel better because someone out there cares.  And someone (The Institute for Preventative Foot Health) wants my feet to … Read more >

Back To Work

A salute to labor!  What a great weekend off!  I really had the weekend off too, because as I was starting a project in my shop on Saturday morning.   A project that was going to take all weekend.  My lathe … Read more >

Some Pictures Are Worth 10,000 Words – Others…Not So Much

In this day and age, there are no guarantees when it comes to photos.  But if this is true, and looking at the picture with a critical eye it looks Photoshopped to me, Coke is on the right track!

And Away We Go!

Kinda of sad today.  The car that I drove to work here for the past 6 years gave up the ghost last week.  Today I loaded the car onto a tow dolly and will be taking the old lady away.  … Read more >

When It Rains, It Pours

Remember a few months ago, I wrote about how little lights were causing me such pain?  The “Check Engine Light” was glowing brightly on my dashboard, turned out I needed a new catalytic converter (to the tune of $1000) in … Read more >

Are You Ready For A Hank Williams Jr Quote?

It’s hard to believe that this Friday night the sounds of high school football will once again ring out! I attended high school football games from the earliest time I can remember right up to when I graduated.  Then started … Read more >

You Are Never Too Old To Be A Kid

I’ve counted myself as a very lucky kid.  My grandparents had the foresight to buy a cottage on Lake Wawasee in north-eastern Indiana in the 30’s.  They planned well.  I spent every summer weekend of my life at the lake … Read more >

It’s A New Kinda Game!

I bet everyone that has been a teenager in a car with friends played this game.  At a stop light everyone jumps out of the car and runs around it laughing and screaming.  It has a name that I’m not … Read more >

That Little Stick – Use It Please

Time for one of my driving rants.  Bear with me (pun intentional) on this. I was almost slammed into on my way to work this morning in the round-about on East Main.  I was turning from Idaho Maryland onto East … Read more >

I May Be In The Wrong Business

After doing some research I have decided I may be in the wrong business.  Okay, research may be the wrong word…the information came across my desk as part of my daily show preparation. Ready? $5,000,000,000 will be spent on cellphone … Read more >

Summer Over????

Wow!  What a great time we all had at the Nevada County Fair! First off, Thanks for all the kind words about the job I do with Swap Shop!  Both. in person to me at the fair, and on the … Read more >

God Bless Roald Dahl!

Who?  If I had titled the Blog – “Wasn’t Gene Wilder wonderful as Willie Wonka”  then you’d know.  Roald Dahl wrote the book “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” in 1964.  His magical story resonates to this day. There is a … Read more >

Another Reason To Love The Nevada County Fair

I’ve been at the fair the past two mornings, and for many mornings over the past 8 years for KNCO.  Not only is it cooler, I like being there for the daily opening ceremonies. I have been involved in many, … Read more >

Day One Nevada County Fair 2012

What a great way to start your day, at the prettiest fair grounds in North America!! I am so lucky, I am paid to attend the Nevada County Fair.  I hope you’ll come by the KNCO Gazebo and say “Hi!” … Read more >

No One Is Gonna Buy It

We’ve all done once or twice, called in sick when we needed a day off.  Okay, maybe not all of us, not me boss!  Nope!! A new survey of workers says 20% of people are willing to admit they have … Read more >

Heads Up Super Savers!

I decided to pass this along here.  It’s about Groupon.  If you are a Groupon member, heads up. In case you don’t know what Groupon is, it’s an online discount coupon company.  You can get some pretty great deals and … Read more >

Next Week, Right?

Sorry for being both late and short today.  KNCO is in mid stride for getting ready for the Nevada County Fair.  There’s a lot going on behind the curtain and there’s no way to get it all done next week. … Read more >

Same Story Different Government

I have been enjoying every second of these Olympic games! Almost, every second actually.  There are some moments I have found disturbing and sad.  And these moments have little to do with the outcome of the event. As a youngster, … Read more >

Gotta Get This Off My Chest

My wife and I were taking our dogs for their evening walk Saturday when she, out of the blue, said “you are such a good writer, I don’t know why you don’t write about it”.  My first response was “Waaaa?”, … Read more >

Ready For The Olympic Games of 2012

Tonight coverage of the Olympics gets started and at my house that means the TV will be on for a lot of hours over the next 15 days.  I grew up in a house that celebrated the Olympics like crazy … Read more >

GPS or BAC, Which Is The Problem Here?

A few years ago my wife’s Mom gave us a GPS for Christmas.  As a gadget kinda guy I was pleased.  Now I’m wondering if she was just trying to get rid of us!  It’s an easy conclusion to jump … Read more >

You’re Never Too Old For Fun

The last time I talked my my Grandmother, we talked about all the things she had seen change in this world.  She past at 99 years old.  She saw a lot of change in her life to be sure.  Horses … Read more >

Manners Under Fire

This weekend my wife and I went to Old Sac for a bit of a date.  (my blood pressure was a little low and the big city drivers always pep that up some) We left early to avoid the heat … Read more >

Old Faithfull Comes To My Home

My wife & I are quite the “Do It Yourselfers”.  We take pride in the fact that we remodeled out last home and made some money doing it too!  Plumbing, light electrical, carpentry, design, landscaping, you name it we did … Read more >

Perfect For My Job!

I’ve been told, and have said myself, I have the perfect face for radio!  No one, and I mean No One would want to watch me on the TV.   First of all on the radio no one can tell if … Read more >

Tell Your Kids to Go Outside And Get Some Exercise, Then You See This

We’ve all heard it.  Our kids are all gaining weight like sponges at a water park.  Get them away from the computer, the video games, the TV, get them outside to play and get some exercise! I remember riding my … Read more >

So Good To Hear About The Old Homwtown!

It was May of 1979 that I put my home town, Fort Wayne Indiana, in my rear view mirror.  Since I left I’ve been back 2 times.  Once in 1981 when my big brother got remarried, and once in 2010 … Read more >

New Fire Fighting Technology In The Works

With the Robbers Fire burning everyone is more aware than usual of the fire dangers in our area.  The sounds of the fire attack planes and helicopters buzzing overhead make us all a little edgy.Interesting how sounds can do that … Read more >

Privacy and Bees

My weekend got off to a really crummy start.  My schedule on Friday gets me home around 8.  Before I got home I got a call from my wife warning me about a new bad development there.  Oh Good Heavens!  … Read more >

Short Sweet and To The Point

What a crazy day it has been!  Lots of people think they have deadlines that they believe apply to me.  Makes me think of that old chestnut “Your Lack Of Planning Does Not Constitute My Emergency!”  But it’s the nature … Read more >

Zero’s and Five’s

A day just like any other.  The sun comes up and your life goes on.  People to deal with and jobs to get done. So why is it such a big deal when it’s your birthday? It’s not like you … Read more >

A New Phase of Life

Something new and different happened yesterday and I just had to share it. My wife & I were invited over to our son’s home for dinner!  Now, I’ve had dinner at my daughters home before, but this was a first.  … Read more >

A Peek Behind The Curtain

Wednesday afternoon KNCO broadcast the 4th of July Parade, life from the porch of The National Hotel in Nevada City.  Tom and Hollie covered the annual event.  If you were among the listening audience you heard a couple of pros … Read more >

Weird Week

Is anyone else having problems adjusting to not only 2 Fridays in one week, but 2 Mondays? Tuesday had such a Friday feel to it.  And now Wednesday feels so Monday like it’s uncanny. Of course the neighbors playing with … Read more >

Take Down The Fishin’ Pole

And meet me at the fishin’ hole…..  

What A Good Time!

Saturday’s Food Truck Festival and Fund Raiser was a lot of fun!  I will say that I was slightly disappointed by the small number of actual food trucks, but taking into account the various other booths the total number of … Read more >

Who Put Alcohol In There?????

Alcohol, it’s great in Cherries Jubilee!  It belongs in your favorite adult beverage, without a doubt! But there are some places, it really make no sense. Nyquil for one.  Sure, it’s “The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, best-sleep-you-ever-got-with-a-cold medicine”…but does … Read more >

Is The Universe Trying To Tell Me Something?

In the past 2 weeks I have injured my right hand 3 different ways.  It occurred to me this morning that perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something and I wasn’t listening.  Does the universe want me to … Read more >

More Thoughts About Staying Busy

This is the best way to say how busy it’s been!

Keeping Busy

Sorry we missed each other yesterday!  And sorry that today is gonna be real short too.  When folks take vacation time we all pitch in to cover the work they normally do.  We’ve had a run on time off this … Read more >

The Decline Has Begun

Fourth of July’s coming up. Got any plans? If you’re free as a bird and live in the Denver, Colorado area, here’s an idea. In what’s possibly one of the oddest Craigslist ads ever, a man has posted a request … Read more >

This Looks Like Fun!

Yesterday I read about a fundraiser coming up in a couple of weeks that really got my attention!  20 gourmet food trucks will gather at Western Gateway Park on the 30th, along with live music, and cooking demonstrations! I kind … Read more >

It’s Why I Love This Job!

Last week, with no notice, KNCO learned that the Meals on Wheels program was oout of funds and 38 seniors in our community weren’t gonna get the one hot meal they counted on.  We hit the air waves with this … Read more >

Great Idea, Bad Execution…

For most of  us making the monthly mortgage payment, or the monthly rent payment is as easy as not spending all your money.  Some people get lucky and receive a windfall of money.  Now combine these two situations, bad at … Read more >

Just Asking….

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the Georgia Department of Transportation denying the “Adopt A Highway” application from a KKK group.   It’s disturbing on many levels. My question has yet to be answered.  The group making the application, they … Read more >

Advise For Fathers

I wish I was this good of a writer, but I’m not.  But I am a good sharer, so I am sharing this from Jeff Pearlman.  Jeff is a columnist for SI.com and blogs at jeffpearlman.com.  Last year, around Father’s … Read more >

Thank You Matt Cain!

I just wanted to take a second and thank Matt Cain, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, for capping off the first anniversary of my employment here at KNCO.   Matt threw the Giants first EVER PERFECT GAME!!!!

Father’s Day Is Sunday

Gift idea: A picture is worth a million words……


Fingers still too sore to type much.  I promise something silly in a day or two.  Something about sharp knives and green onion.   Maybe not, it hurts just thinking about that……

Short And Sweet

After slicing the tips of the fingers on my left hand in the kitchen Sunday evening I’ll keep this short. Keep me away from knives!

Where Are All The Original Thinkers?

I mentioned the Mini-series “Hatfields & McCoys” that was on The History Channel last week.  I hope you had a chance to watch it.  It was a very well done show that tracked the families, their problems, and how the … Read more >

The Answer Appears To Be – Nope!

Growing up with a name like “Bear” I keep my eye peeled for things related to Bear.  Of course my eye was drawn to the story I am about to relate because the headline was “Bear Pulls Camper From Outhouse”.  … Read more >

Fly Your Flag Proudly Today

It was no day at the beach, June 6th, 1944.  Normandy France saw the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.  General Eisenhower told the troops: You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven … Read more >

Customer Service????

Once upon a time customers were treated like valuable commodities.  This past week I’ve learned something.  These days . . . . some companies feel customers are too much trouble. Comcast and I spend the last 5 days going in … Read more >

To A Friend

You know I like to have some fun with this space every now and then, most of the time really.  Today I’m having a hard time with fun.  My wife’s best friend, and a dear friend to me, lost her … Read more >

I’ll Admit It – I’m Allergic To Cities

I really don’t like going into cities.  Traffic in Sacramento/Roseville/all the rest drives me nutty, there doesn’t seem to be enough air to breathe with all those people in the same place, and my skin starts to itch.  I am … Read more >

A Four Letter Word

I don’t know what it is about the state of Ohio that irks me so, but the fact is it does.  Nothing good every happens to me when Ohio is involved.  Maybe some history might explain my problem with The … Read more >

Just A Quick Note

Here it is another Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday…  I hope your Memorial Day weekend was a relaxing as mine. I spent more time in front of the TV that I figured I would.  The good news is we still won WWII!  I still … Read more >

A Day Off!

What a crazy week it has been.  The good news is it’s Friday and for most of us here at KNCO it’s a three day weekend.  Not everyone is as lucky as I am. The Broad-casters Build team is giving … Read more >

White Lines Have A Purpose

It seems that a lot of my writings are about driving.  It makes sense because I do spend a lot of my day behind the wheel, most of the time shaking my head.  Since I spend the better part of … Read more >

I Am Here To Lend A Different View

I wasn’t shocked when I read the results of a new study showing which gender does more shopping on-line.  I wasn’t even mildly surprised by the over all findings, the recipient of these shopping trips, or the #1 on-line shopping … Read more >

Big Weekend? Take A Second – Remember the reason, please.

Wow, For the first time in 2 months I have a weekend that doesn’t have a chunk of time set aside for someone else or some other duty.  Add an extra day and I really feel like this could be … Read more >

Helping Out Habitat

There are just 6 days left until the KNCO/STAR 94 Community Yard Sale.  This Saturday we are hosting a huge yard sale here in the station’s parking lot.  If you want to buy a space in the sale, it’ll cost … Read more >

I Already Voted!

When we moved into our new house two years ago, I learned that I was now a permanent absentee voter.  It’s kinda nice.  On Election Day, I don’t have to worry about getting to the polling place and waiting in … Read more >

The Passing Of A Diva

You have probably heard by now that Donna Summer lost her battle with cancer at 63.   Sure her heyday was 30 years ago, but just say the words – “Hey Beep Beep” around anyone that loves music and they will … Read more >

Careful, Deer are still out there!

It’s a little odd for this time of year, but there are still deer in the woods.  The problem is they that don’t know how to safely cross a road.   I was cruising to work this morning and as I … Read more >

Why Does Thomas Edison Seem To Hate Me?

As Faithful Readers of my blog know, my life has been plagued by lights recently.  First, it was the “Check Engine” light, which took a week (and a pile of money) to get under control.  This weekend two new lights … Read more >

Sure, Don’t Pay For Baggage!

This weekend my wife & i are off to see my Mom for Mothers Day weekend.  Mom & Pop moved from Indiana to Arizona after he retired.  They found a nice house in a Del Webb community outside Phoenix and … Read more >

Life With NO Lights

First off, I want to thank Art and the whole gang at Art’s Cedar Ridge for the great work they did on my car.  Now, if they could only do something about the overall age and accumulated mileage on my … Read more >

Happiness, it’s in your own hands

Exciting news!  Science has determined the key to happiness!!!  Yes science, which must mean double blind studies and empirical data which charts and graphs…. If you want happiness, are you ready?  I can wait until you are seated and really … Read more >

More Thoughts On Lights

Yup, the check engine light in my car came on a week before the registration was due, and this was a smog check year.  Lucky Me!   I really enjoy driving this car, it gets me 31 to 33 mpg depending … Read more >

Little Lights – Not Always Joyful

Every November, the little twinkly lights start popping up and everything looks so pretty.  Little twinkly light are always my favorite.  Having grown up where there are icicles for months at a time, the lights I see always make me … Read more >

Parenting, the Never Ending Story

It’s something that we’ve all heard, and probably told ourselves, “That which does not kill us only makes us stronger”.    I’ve leaned on Friedrich Nietzsche’s little aphorism more than a couple of times myself.  You know, it’s actually helped too. … Read more >

Elphaba Was Right!

Fans of the musical “Wicked” know Elphaba is the name of the Wicked Witch of the West.  She’s best known as the green nasty witch who hated Dorothy, and her little dog too, in the “Wizard Of Oz”.  I have … Read more >

Heads Up Computer Users!

For once in my life I am being serious.  Just thought you’d like a straight story for once. If you are reading this blog then you are on-line.  There is a serious threat to your computer out there and I … Read more >

Yard Work – Two Four Letter Words

Another weekend come and gone.  Another Perfect Sunday morning spent taking care of the lawn.  Another Sunday morning, just like last Sunday, Just like next Sunday…. Yard work is worse than doing the laundry, or doing dishes.  Just like those … Read more >

Isn’t It Time For Slowpokes To Move To The Right

This is the type of thing California used to be known for, progressive clear headed traffic regulations.  But, our state is lagging behind others when it comes to defending the rights of the faster drivers.  I’m no lead foot, I’ve … Read more >


Well, here’s something different.  I’m out of words.  I will blame it on the amount of work that dropped out of the sky, rather than a lack of creativity on my part. Perhaps it’s from too little sleep, or a … Read more >

I Hope You Are Standing Up To Read This

We spend way too much time sitting on our seats.  Another study has found that American’s are too sedentary, and it’s killing us.  The more time you spend at a desk, or on the sofa, the shorter your life.  Now … Read more >

The 3 Stooges and the Danger they represent

For the life of me, I will never understand why people go to a movie and insist on asking questions about what’s happening through out the entire film.  I went to see The Stooges movie Saturday afternoon.  The person who … Read more >

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Or Maybe Not!

I am facing something that I haven’t had for a very long time.  This weekend I am working on the Shopping Show and then staying to help with the certificate pick-up portion of the show.  This means I’ll be out … Read more >

Keeping My Eye’s Peeled

I spend a lot of my day driving.  2 hours round trip for a daily commute.  Sure I wish I didn’t have to, but until the real estate market comes around I’m stuck driving.  There is an upside, I get … Read more >

What Does It Matter?

I guess it comes from growing up in a nearly all male family, my poor Mom had to deal with 4 men!  I have no sisters, a couple of girl cousins were as close as it got to any female … Read more >

The Day Has Arrived!

Before this goes any further I have to make sure you understand this, I Love my kids!  I have enjoyed them at every stage of their growing up.  I really like having them around, and joining in the fun with … Read more >


Wow, I had a brainstorm this weekend about what I was going to write about all this week!  It was a really fun, engaging topic.  No way would I forget. Yup, that’s right.  Phfft – Gone – Nada I’ve been … Read more >

Happy Friday the 13th!

We all got pranked on this April the 13th!  A couple days ago I wrote that we should all just embrace the wet weather because there wasn’t a thing we could do about it.  Then came the snow and freezing … Read more >

There is a bright light on the horizon!

There is a huge change occurring in my home.  Our youngest is signing the paperwork on his first apartment this afternoon!  Yes, for the first time in the past 29 years (almost to the day) there won’t be a child … Read more >

The Great Motivator

Stress, Wow what a great motivator.  Personally, it motivates me to the fridge!  Oh well, like Scarlet O’Hara once said, “Tomorrow will be another day”. Thanks to everyone that has been checking out our new KNCO.com, we are working hard … Read more >

Easter Thoughts

I hope your Easter weekend was a fun filled as mine was.  The highlight had to be watching my two grand nephews playing is a mud puddle.  The Mom’s were both okay with it, one took the time to roll … Read more >