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Tom Fitzsimmons is the Program Director for Nevada County Broadcasters, and morning show host at KNCO NewsTalk 830, but his favorite job is being husband to Roxanne and Dad to his daughter's Katie and Kelly, and step dad to Tyson and Megan. Tom and Roxanne just became grandparents with the birth of Megan's daughter, Hazel Virginia. Tom also is the voice of High School Football and Basketball play by play. His hobbies include playing and watching all sports and taking long hikes both locally and in the Sierras with his dog, Angel. He also has taken up distance running and just started to get into road cycling.

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A Belated Thank You

Just wanted to add a much too belated thank you note for all the kind words and thoughts and prayers for me as I battle Prostate Cancer.  It has been tough, both mentally and physically, to know that I have … Read more >

Chuck Vintere

It’s sad to report the passing of former KNCO Sports reporter and account executive, Chuck Vintere, who lost his battle with prostate cancer.  I replaced  Chuck in the sports position here at KNCO when he opened up a sports collectible … Read more >

5 Weeks Away

I just glanced at my calendar above my desk and realized that the Nevada County Fair starts five weeks from today!!  How about that?  We are excited about being out at our Gazebo for the run of the Fair, enjoying … Read more >

Thanks, Coach

For years, the favorite part of my job on-air at KNCO has been doing play by play sports. I have been blessed over the years to have outstanding teams to cover, including girls basketball teams that were nationally ranked and … Read more >

Rush Limbaugh passes at 70

It was very sad to hear about the passing of Rush Limbaugh this morning. His wife, Kathryn, made the announcement on his radio show. It was about a year ago that Rush made the announcement that he had lung cancer … Read more >

New Lineup

We have a new programming lineup effective today on our AM station, KNCO Newstalk 830. Clark Howard has retired from radio. He has become a favorite with our listeners for years, both for his Consumer Minutes in the morning show, … Read more >

Markley, VanCamp and Robbins

Sounds like a law firm, or maybe a new double play combination for the Giants or A’s, but that is our newest talk show on KNCO Newstalk 830. A Baby Boomer, a Gen-X’er, and a Millennial taking on the news … Read more >


I have been with KNCO AM and FM for 25 years and there have been some changes over the years. Most have been with personnel, everything from retirements to terminations to deaths. But Covid 19 has had its impact on … Read more >

Memorial Day

I hope you take time this weekend to remember those who gave all for our freedom. Memorial Day is always celebrated the fourth Monday in the month of May, but with Covid-19 concerns, it will not be celebrated at Memorial … Read more >

No Jail and Bail

Sad to have to cancel Jail and Bail due to the COVID-19 concerns. It has always been such a fun event to raise funds for FREED, Hospice of the Foothills and Granite Wellness Centers, formerly CORR. I hope you can … Read more >

Missing Mom

It’s another Mother’s Day on Sunday…and another one without my Mom. I sure do miss her, and think about her every day. Our KNCO family also suffered losses this past year, as both Dave Bear and Geoff Flynn lost their … Read more >

It is Spring….Right?

So many of us are ready for warmer Spring weather. Not that we need to have it hot right away, but it has been amazingly cool for a long time now and it’s starting to take its toll on some … Read more >

Ella…and Jail-n-Bail

Just completed a wonderful and full broadcast day, reminding me what a special job I have in a very special community. Jail and Bail has been going on for decades here at the station, and once Jim Kerr retired, i … Read more >

Getting Old!?

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers as I battle some health issues the last few weeks. Now that I think of it, it is more like the last few months. … Read more >

Low Snow!!

Pretty exciting to see snow levels get down to Penn Valley and Rough and Ready, with a couple of inches on the ground. Enough to cancel school in Penn Valley too. But please…when you are ready to venture out….please be … Read more >

Forest Lake vs Bear River

Pretty excited to get the High School Basketball broadcast season started when Bear River hosts Forest Lake in Boys and Girls Basketball this Friday.  And, it’s all for a great cause….and it was the kids that came up with the … Read more >

You can help a Veteran

With so much sadness lately, from mass shootings, to the devastating Camp Fire destroying the town of Paradise, here is an idea to do something special and thank a vet for their service at the same time.  Gold Country Community … Read more >


A quick note to say Thanks to everyone for the nice birthday wishes.  I have never been one to celebrate my birthday much, but turning 60 must be a landmark of some type.  Both my kids flew home to see … Read more >

Happy Birthday to Us!

Just wanted to acknowledge the 40th birthday of KNCO….October 9th, 1978 it began broadcasting from the Holbrooke Hotel.  It was either the second…or the 37th floor…depending on who you ask.  It has been an honor to be part of the … Read more >

Livestock Auction

I was just about to leave to head up to Tahoe to do my first football game and had to stop and write about the Junior Livestock Auction at the Nevada County Fair.  It is a GREAT event on so … Read more >

One Month Away

It is hard to believe but the high school football season begins one month from the day that I am writing this blog.  The Friday after the Fair is over, August 17th…Nevada Union will be at Yuba City while the … Read more >

A Reminder

This reminder is for me and everyone else at KNCO, but also for you as well.  We are less than four weeks away from the Nevada County Fair.  It is my favorite event of the year and we love seeing … Read more >

A Great Legacy

Just came back from the memorial service held for Gary Wallace at the LDS Church in Nevada City.  He was a wonderful man…quiet, humble and caring.  He was one of my role models.  I never told him that…guys don’t do … Read more >

A Wonderful Fourth

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Jordan Fife, the new owner of the National Hotel who was gracious enough to let KNCO broadcast the 4th of July parade from the hotel balcony despite a complete remodel going … Read more >

A Small World

Had a great time at my daughter, Kelly’s wedding, up in Oregon…a beautiful ceremony in a wonderful area, Silver Fall State Park.  I recommend it highly.  Now my wife, Roxanne, and I took our time heading back home to Grass … Read more >

Here Comes the Bride

I am heading up to Oregon as my youngest daughter, Kelly, is getting married.  I am very excited for her and her fiance, Jared.  As a Dad, you want you children to be happy and loved and a wedding day … Read more >

Happy Father’s Day

Just a quick note to say Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad and Step Dads and Grand Dads out there.  Being a Dad is my favorite role in life…of course, I’ve been blessed with two wonderful kids.

Election Night

Another election night in the books for KNCO Newstalk 830 and it was great being on the air with our news staff, headed by Geoff Flynn along with Lisa Swarthout and Howard Levine from the Grass Valley City Council.  All … Read more >

A New Thanksgiving Day

Did something different for Memorial Day weekend…and it kind of started the day after Thanksgiving.  My wife, Roxanne and I bought several discounted turkeys after Thanksgiving to save money…and we love turkey all year.  Well, it seemed like this weekend … Read more >

Clint Walker

So sorry to hear about the passing of actor, Clint Walker.  He died just the other day but he was a real “larger than life” man.  I met him on several occasions, and he was always gracious with his time … Read more >

Hoping for Rain and Snow

I sure hope that the storm door is finally opening and we finally get to have winter here in Nevada County.  I’ve lived here since 1981, and we used to have cold weather in between snow storms during the winter.  … Read more >

A Special Christmas Gift

You still have an opportunity to get a very special Christmas gift that will have meaning for all for years to come.  You can honor members of your family who served in the military by adding their names to the … Read more >

Providing Relief in our Backyard

It does not seem that long ago that the elections happened last Fall.  Then again, some days it seems like forever.  One thing I remembered is the feeling that people had to be active in their community…to be part of … Read more >

Love Walk

So much has happened, and most of it has not been good in the world, especially with the murder of 59 people in Las Vegas, that I forgot to mention something good.  Really good.  And, it came out of something … Read more >

Goodbye to Peggy and Toni

So sad to have two great ladies, Peggy Levine, and Toni Thompson, both pass away this past week.  Both loved their families and their communities and were role models on how to make the world a better place.  For those … Read more >

Please Prevent Falls

Just wanted to write a quick note to remind everyone, certainly anyone close to my age (58), to consider attending the Falls Prevention workshop that is coming up.  It is a major issue and so many refuse to acknowledge how … Read more >

Harlie’s Pit Crew

My apologies for not writing sooner, but I sure had a great time at the Nevada County Fair this year.  And a big reason why was our station’s involvement with the Junior Livestock Auction on Sunday morning.  Many thanks to … Read more >

Behind the Scenes

Just wanted to give a big Thank You to the group of staff and volunteers that were out at the Nevada County Fairgrounds to receive the entries for this year’s fair.  It was a warm and muggy day…but there they … Read more >

A Loss in the KNCO Family

It’s always sad to report a death in the family, so it pains me to let you know that a longtime member of KNCO, Diane Riley, passed away this past Monday, July 10th.  Diane was already here at KNCO when … Read more >

Please Be Careful

I’ve been hosting the morning news on either KNCO Newstalk 830 or Star 94FM (Remember Michelle and Tom in the Morning?) for the better part of two decades.  And too many years, we have an accidental drowning at the Yuba … Read more >

Missing Mom

I am like a lot of Baby Boomers, whose Mom has passed away in the recent years.  Sure do miss her and it leaves a bit of a void on Mother’s Day.  But there are so many great Moms out … Read more >

Health Talk Today

Be sure to join Kimberly Parker, Executive Director of the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation, on KNCO today at 1pm as she talks about Emergency Preparedness with Sue Urban from SNMH and Patti Carter, the Nevada County Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.  … Read more >

Bart and Big A

Just got done hosting my KNCO Insight talk show.  We talked about a great program that the Roamin’ Angels have put together to make our teenage drivers safer.  It’s called “Survive the Drive”, and it involves the CHP, Impact Teen … Read more >

Golf With Me

I would love it if you could find the time to join me and some of the best people around in supporting Sierra Services for the Blind at their 14th Annual Gold Country Golf Classic  tournament.  It will be down … Read more >

The Best Deal for the Best Idea

Filmmaker Ken Burns has done lots of great work, and one of my favorites is the series on America’s National Park…”America’s Best Idea”.  They really are wonderful and so many exceptional parks, including iconic Yosemite National Park, are an easy … Read more >

Springtime at Ananda

Wanted to thank Emil Baldoni of Weiss Brothers for bringing me out to the Ridge to see the tulip display at Ananda.  It is stunning…and with the sun promising to be out for a few days, it will be even … Read more >

Rocket Rich like you’ve never seen him before

Just viewed a wonderful video of former KNCO DJ and music director, Rocket Rich Brock.  He has taken his talents down to Air1 Radio and KLOVE in Placer County.  I know he still fans…so here it is.  Best way is … Read more >

Thank You

Sometimes you put your head down and just work.  At least that has been my M.O.  since I have been part of KNCO.  But wanted to finally take time and write a Thank You note to all of you who … Read more >

Quiet Heroes

Quiet heroes is a term that decribe so many in our area.  But just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Knitting Group that my wife Roxanne joined this past year.  They meet weekly in Nevada City and … Read more >

Too busy….really??!!

Okay…I admit…sometimes I do lose it on the air on my daily talk show, KNCO Insight.  And my coworkers know this too.  So when they hand me a Metro News story on President Trump declining to throw out the first … Read more >

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Spring is wonderful here in the foothills.  But for a sports fan, I am not sure if it gets much better than the week ahead.  Major League baseball comes back on Sunday, giving everyone, yes…even us New York Mets fans…hope … Read more >

Bowl for Kid’s Sake

First off, my apologies for not getting a blog to our KNCO listeners and website visitors.  I love you all!  We are trying to get it back into gear here, and I have no problem leading by example.   One of … Read more >

Congrats to the Cubbies!

Had to write a note of congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and maybe, more so, to their fans who endured several lifetimes of losing before winning the 2016 World Series.  And to do it in such dramatic fashion, complete with … Read more >

Not in my locker room!

Sorry to see that this year’s presidential politics keeps getting more bizarre, and now, even more immoral.  But with Donald Trump’s lewd comments with Billy Bush on a released video tape being dismissed as “locker room” comments, I cannot hold … Read more >

Here Comes Spring!

Weather is already there…so here comes the spring sports season for the High Schools.  Baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, track…..love it all.  All the best to our athletes!

Happy New Year

Hope you and your have a great New Year.  2016 promises to be a very important year for our community and our radio station.  I invite you to be part of it!

Ring that Bell

It is that time of year..it has been for the past several weeks.  Salvation Army bell ringers are in front of stores hoping you can spare for change to help those in need this Holiday Season.  They have done a … Read more >

The Restore

Had a great time at the re-opening of The Habitat for Humanity Restore in Grass Valley.  It was funny to see the reaction of people who were either thrilled with how open and clean the sales floor is (like myself), … Read more >


Just wanted to say thanks to my wife, family and friends and the listeners of our radio stations as well.  Appreciate you all!  And…Let’s Go Bruins!!!

In this case, it IS the coaching

Congrats to the Bear River Bruins football team who are advancing to the Section Championship game for the second straight year, defeating a previously undefeated Capital Christian team, 31-21.  I know that the young men on the field make the … Read more >

Start of the Holidays at KNCO

It’s a busy week at KNCO.  Today (Tuesday), we are outside of Save Mart in the Fowler Center for our annual Turkey/Food Drive to help fill the shelves at the Food Bank.  We love working with Toni Thompson, a local … Read more >

Nothing Cuter

There is no cuter event in our area than the preschoolers trick or treating in Downtown Grass Valley.  Hopefully you can make it downtown on Friday…and maybe see our own Deana Martinez as Belle!  Love her spirit!

First Reminder

Just came from a meeting with the committee putting on the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign.  The kickoff breakfast is November 19th….and Eskaton is stepping up to host the event. Thanks to Chef Clay, Yvonne and the staff for helping.  … Read more >

Brutal News

Sometimes we seem like a nice, sleepy-town area, and then sometimes we have stories that just rock you in our local news.  I am still getting over Mary Grace Tassone being attacked in our local catholic church, and now we … Read more >

It’s Back!

Get ready everyone!  School is back for most kids by tomorrow, the 19th.  Amazing that we have a heat wave when the first day of school arrives, but just wanted to wish the teachers, students, administrators…and the parents….a great school … Read more >

Thanks Ghidotti

Actually, thanks to everyone that took part in the Ag Mechanics and Junior Livestock Auctions at this past week’s Nevada County Fair.  The generosity of the local businesses and individuals was amazing, including Fair Family of the year patriarch, Eddie … Read more >

A Reminder

Just a quick reminder before I head back to the KNCO Gazebo today….the Ag Mechanics Auction is tonight (Friday) outside the Sugar Pine Building…and the Junior Livestock Auction is Sunday morning.  If you want to feel better about our future, … Read more >

How ’bout those kids!

Just wanted to write a quick invite to join me during our morning news the next week or so as I read some great letters written by our local kids in the 4H and FFA programs in our area.  It … Read more >

Time To Heal

It was a very emotional and spiritual Mass held at St. Patrick’s Church in Grass Valley for Healing of Mary Grace Tassone.  It certainly was for me.  Growing up Catholic, I thought Father Sylvester gave a great sermon for a … Read more >

The Best and The Worst

An emotional weekend for so many in our community, including myself.  First off, I was honored to be able to broadcast the 4th of July parade from Downtown Grass Valley, thanks to Tess’ Kitchen Supply.  It is a wonderful event … Read more >

Athletic Beauty

We had the pleasure of having both Michael Levine and his wife, and fellow dancer, Maia Wilkins, as guest during our morning news broadcast highlighting their performance with Music in the Mountains as part of Summerfest.  I do lots of … Read more >

Another Wake Up Call

Not that we needed one, but Sunday’s Dog Fire, on the south edge of Grass Valley off LaBarr and McKnight, really shows just how dry everything is for this time of year.  Incredibly quick work by Air Attack and ground … Read more >

Tough Act To Follow

Disturbing and upsetting to see the headline that Jim Nieto will no longer be principal at Bear River High School.  I have known him for a number of years and Jim has been so dedicated to the kids and the … Read more >

Congrats to the class of 2015

Just a quick note to say congrats and thanks to the class of 2015, especially our local high school students who were a pleasure to get to know, whether through sports, FFA, band, drama, or other activities.  Our future looks … Read more >

Adopt A Child

That’s the title of an assignment written by Angelina for her writing class at Cottage Hill School back in April.  Angelina is adopted and wrote this piece for an example of persuasive writing.  I wanted to share it with you, … Read more >

Athletic Affair cancelled!

Just got a quick note from Jeff Dellis, the athletic director at Nevada Union High School. The Athletic Affair event that was scheduled for this Saturday is cancelled.  Looks like it will be postponed until next September, at the beginning … Read more >

Get To Bed!

Those words were spoken by my Mom, in increasing volume, during my high school years.  I wanted to stay up, visit with my older brother Bobby, already in the working world, and watching Johnny Carson.  I did not want to … Read more >

No Surprise

When the story broke this past weekend that an explosion and  fire broke out at a residence in Nevada City (thanks Pascale), the first thought that came into my mind was another “honey oil” pot plant blew up.  Apparently I … Read more >


Always special to have Gayle Guest-Brown on my talk show, but especially today.  It is Denim Day!  So, we will talk about its significance….and also how we can end domestic violence and sexual assault in our community.


Very disturbing and discouraging to see the reports out of Baltimore, Maryland concerning the violent rioting and looting by thugs in that city.  Then, just this morning, we had Grass Valley Police Chief, John Foster, in our studios, talking about … Read more >

Glad to be back

Love going on vacation…but like most, I also love coming home.  Nothing like sleeping in your own house, in your own bed.  However, after cruising for the past week, I also realize that I also have to get back to … Read more >

Project Reboot –A letter from a soldier

Attached is a letter written by Iraqi Freedom army veteran, Andrew Payne, who was a guest on my talk show, KNCO Insight on March 25th.  I was able to share only about 10 percent of the letter while I interview … Read more >

Get Your Rear in Gear!

Just met with Dr. Godil yesterday, and have scheduled a colonoscopy to be done in the next couple of weeks.  Right away you are probably wondering why I am mentioning something that many do not want to talk about.  Well, … Read more >

Big loss for Nevada Union

It’s a very sad day for the students and staff at Nevada Union High School with the resignation of John McDaniel, and award winning teacher and varsity girls basketball coach.  And the reason for his departure is clear from his … Read more >

Hoping for some rain

Forecast calling for rain this weekend.  Here’s to a storm finally coming in and dropping rain here and snow up in the hills.  We are more than overdue.

Much more important that the W’s

I’m winding down the Bear River basketball broadcast season, and for the first time in memory, the Lady Bruins will not be heading to the playoffs because of their record. (They missed once because of a self imposed postseason ban … Read more >

Super Super Bowl

Great to have an exciting super bowl after last year’s blowout, and congrats to Tom Brady and the Patriots winning their fourth Super Bowl title!  Lots of talk about the “bad” play call at the end of the game by … Read more >

Hoops Are Back!!

Very excited that High School Basketball are back on the air here on KNCO.  Geoff Flynn and I are always pumped up for play by play basketball.  It’s fun and quick and we invite you to listen along.  We will … Read more >


If you are an avid listener to KNCO Newstalk 830, like I am, you are very much used to hearing ABC News at the top of the hour.  And, as of midnight on New Year’s Day, it has gone away.  … Read more >

A Giving Community

Thanks to all that have given so much this Holiday season!  Whether it was filling up a Salvation Army red kettle, to a box of gifts for Toys for Tots, or bag of food for the local Food Bank, it … Read more >

Giving credit where it’s due

All the best to the city and county road crews out there.  Storm drains and sewer grates all got tested with our latest storm, and the roads stayed safe as the water drained well, including the Dorsey Drive area.  Great … Read more >

Fiesta Bowl become NU Bowl

It was very exciting to see Tanner Vallejo not only grab an interception, but return it for a touchdown against Fresno State to help lead his Boise State Broncos to the Mountain West championship.  He is one of my all-time … Read more >

Quite a championship

Congrats to the Bear River Bruins varsity football team for winning the Section Five Sac-Joaquin Section Championship against a very good Colfax Falcon team.  Looking back, they overcame so many obstacles to get there, and to defeat their biggest rival … Read more >

Pinch Me!

Is it really happening???  It is!!!  Bear River vs Colfax this Friday night for the Section Division V Championship.  I love this rivalry.  It has been intense and has matured beautifully, showcasing all the best of high school athletics.   It … Read more >


Quick thank you for all who took the time to stop by and help out with our Turkey Drive at Save Mart in the Fowler Center to benefit the Food Bank.  Many families will have a great meal thanks to … Read more >

Playing with Emotion

I have been broadcasting high school football, mainly Bear River Bruin football, for the past 19 years here on KNCO.  In all that time, I have never seen a Bruin team play with such emotion and passion as they did … Read more >


Had what seemed like a pretty quick vacation, but it is always great to recharge those batteries before the holiday season, which is very big at the radio station.  And what a day to come back to…Election Day!  Hope you … Read more >

And, Congrats to Grass Valley!

Thanks to everyone that has made the Dorsey Drive interchange happen.  And it looks great!  Thinking about people like Dan Landon, who has so instrumental in making this happen.  Soon, we will see how it all works during the morning … Read more >

Congrats To Nevada City

Or maybe I should say congrats to Duane Strawser of Nevada City for helping to land the second stage of the Amgen Tour of California next year.  It will be great to have the best riders in the world tuning … Read more >

Rivalry Week!!

My favorite time of the football season is right now, when the Bear River Bruins have the Colfax Falcons this Friday night..and then the Placer Hillmen the following week. If you get the chance, I highly recommend checking out one … Read more >

Mr October

Just wanted to welcome John August, “Mr. October”, to our on air staff.  He is filling in for Dave Bear this week and nice to have another voice in the KNCO stable.  Maybe that means I can take some time … Read more >

Columbus Day

Call me old school, but I always liked Columbus Day.  Maybe it’s because I grew up with lots of Italian American friends back in Jersey City, but it was a big day for them,  just like St. Patrick’s Day is … Read more >

Come on Fall!!

I do not know about you, but I cannot wait for Autumn weather to arrive.  We got a taste of it a couple of weeks ago, but here we are, sunny and warm, if not hot for some.  We are … Read more >

A Legend on the Air at One!

Terry Logue, head coach of the Bear River Bruins varsity football team will be my guest Monday afternoon on KNCO Insight–Nevada County Action.  He just passed the 200 career win plateau  and is adding to it with this year’s Bruins … Read more >


I am excited that we are on the road broadcasting the Bear River Bruins vs Eureka Loggers football game tonight on Star 94 FM.  It is so cool that our community and this radio station supports local sports the way … Read more >

No on S Today!!

I hope you can join me at 1pm today for KNCO Insight–Nevada County Action as Sheriff Keith Royal will be our guest, representing the “No on S” viewpoint.  It should be a lively discussion after hearing from Patricia Smith and … Read more >

Yes On “S” Today at 1pm

Please join us for the next two days for KNCO Insight…Nevada County Action at 1pm as we hear from both sides of the Measure S debate.  Today (Wednesday) we will be joined by Patricia Smith who will speak to the … Read more >

Measure S Insight

Hope you can join us on KNCO this week as we take a pro and con look at Measure S.  We will have both sides represented this Wednesday and Thursday…so if you have a question, this is a great time … Read more >

Dave Williams in the house

Excited that one of my favorite people in Grass Valley, Dave Williams, will be on KNCO insight this afternoon (Weds) at 1pm.  Hope you can join us!

Where there’s smoke,….

Yes, there is fire, in our case the King Fire which continues to burn and throw smoke our way.  Bad for us, but imagine being a firefighter on the front line trying to contain the blaze…or flying attack craft.  Keep … Read more >


Just a quick note to wish all those participating in the SYRCL River Clean Up and the RAKE event this weekend nothing but the best and know how much your kindness and energy is appreciated by our community.

Rain Dance…anyone??

Please hope that anyone who can do a rain dance will get their dancing shoes on and give it a shot the next couple of days.  Any rain would certainly help the fire fighting efforts.

The Day to Remember

Hope you are taking time to reflect and remember those lost this day, 13 years ago, with the terror attacks in New York, Washington DC, and in Pennsylvania.  I think of that day often and where I happened to be … Read more >

Men should not hit women!

Seems like a basic, common-sense statement, but domestic violence by men against women continues to rage.  Now, it is back on the front page, as video evidence of NFL running back Ray Rice brutally attacking his fiancee (now wife) on … Read more >

Taking Steps to end Hunger

Hope that you can get involved ending hunger by being part of the 6th Annual Race to End Hunger on Saturday, September 6th…8:30am at Gold Run school in Nevada City.  You can walk…you can run…at the very least, you can … Read more >

Hard Work Rewarded…Finally!!

Congrats to the Nevada Union Miners Varsity Football team who traveled last Friday to Auburn and defeated the Placer Hillmen 41-20.  Feel great for the coaching staff led by Coach Houlihan who have been working with the team and teaching … Read more >

Rossi Update

Okay..here is the latest on Alexander Rossi…and it turns out that he will NOT be racing this weekend in Belgium after all.  He got the chance to start, and even took practice laps today for his first Formula One event … Read more >

Go Rossi Go!

All the best to Alexander Rossi who this weekend gets to race Formula One in Belgium in the Belgium Grand Prix.  Amazing someone from our little town is racing with the top drivers in the best cities in Europe.  And … Read more >

Parents and Sports

Had a quick conversation with Nevada Union Athletic Director, Jeff Dellis, this morning about the mandatory parent meeting for the Fall Sports Season.  Yes…fall sports are underway!!  Bear River High and Duwaine Ganskie have a similar meeting for Bruins parents … Read more >

Anew Day

Today on KNCO Insight, Anew Day will be with us to talk about suicide and depression, which is back on our minds with the death of Robin Williams.  The two go hand-in-hand so time to keep learning more about depression, … Read more >

T-Minus Two Weeks

I can’t wait…how about you??  Two weeks to the start of high school football with Nevada Union renewing their rivalry with the Placer Hillmen and Bear River hosting Pacheco High for the first time ever.  Should be a great season!!

First Day of School

First day of school is always exciting and emotional, especially for all the kindergarteners out there.  And, for that matter, that probably includes high school seniors.  Just wanted to wish all the students, parents and teachers out there all the … Read more >

Fair Recap

It is always a bittersweet end to the fair for us at KNCO.  There is nothing more fun for us all year than seeing our listeners at the Gazebo.  For me personally, nothing more fun than seeing the FFA and … Read more >

Three great ladies at the Fair

And one of those was not my wife…not to leave out Roxanne.  But, saw my Granddaughter, Hazel, enjoy the Fair with her Mom and Dad and Mimi!!  She is so precious.  Then, I was pleased to meet Adelle Hollmer in … Read more >

Rain…must be fair time!!

Locals have always told me that it would always rain one day of the fair.  When I first moved here in 1981, the fair was only four days and later in the month of August and, yes, it usually had … Read more >

Hot, Hot, Hot

Just wanted to give you the weather forecast for the next several days…about the same as the last couple of days.  I sure hope the weather cools off a bit for the Fair, that starts next Wednesday, August 6th.  But, … Read more >

Danny’s Boy

Excited and honored to have on Dan Frisella on our Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show today (Wednesday).  I have not met Dan and he is the new principal at Nevada Union High School, so a good time to find out … Read more >

Getting Excited!!

The Nevada County Fair is knocking on the door!  One way we can tell at KNCO is the arrival of the FFA/4H letters from the youngsters preparing their project for the Junior Livestock auction and the Ag Mechanics auction.  Kudos … Read more >

Good Luck, Evan!

Just wanted to wish Evan Strong all the best as he tries to win an ESPY Award tonight down in Los Angeles.  And, if you have not taken the time, please vote for him for Best Male Athlete with a … Read more >

A Father’s Love and a son’s battle

Excited to have both Ken and Kael Newton on Fitzsimmons and Flores this afternoon (Tuesday).  It will be good to catch up with both, especially Kael who went off to the University of Oregon for school and battled much more … Read more >

Rooting For Laundry

Jerry Seinfeld is right once again.  In sports, we really are not rooting for players…we are really rooting for laundry.  Lebron James, the biggest sports villain when he left Cleveland to join the Miami Heat, is heading back home to … Read more >

What is going on around here!?

I know I host the morning news, so I get to hear our news reports not once, but five to six times each morning.  The amount of violence, even murder, in our local reports is shocking…and not a good thing.  … Read more >

Back to the Future

Did you hear Lorraine Jewett on the air doing On The Town the other day??  She sounded so good and relaxed..hard to believe it’s been over a decade since she hosted an OTT broadcast.  I am sure like any fan … Read more >

Local kids make good!

Once again, happy to report that a group of young athletes are getting ready to head out of town to represent Nevada County.  In this case, they are under 12 Girl Softball players who will be playing in the Western … Read more >

Strong in the House

Excited to have Olympic Gold Medalist, Evan Strong, join us in studio today on Fitzsmmons and Flores at 1pm.  Hope you can find the time to listen..and don’t forget to take the time and vote for Evan to win an … Read more >


Thanks to all of you who came out to the 7th annual John Kane Penny Pitch at Kane’s Restaurant in Grass Valley.  Great seeing so much support for the DVSAC and for the Kane Family as well.  Great stuff!!

Queen of Bear River

Very excited to have Patti Ehlers as our guest on Fitzsimmons and Flores today at 1pm.  She just retired from Bear River High School…not sure if she really wanted to..but we will find out.  And, anyone that knows her and … Read more >

Serenity Now!!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes TV sitcoms can really have episodes and saying that fit what is happening in your life.  I have always been a Seinfeld fan….right now, I hear myself whispering, and then eventually sreaming, “Serenity … Read more >

Change…It’s a good thing!

Some changes here at KNCO, and it is a good thing for us in all departments.  I want to welcome Don Langford to Nevada County Broadcasters.  Starting today, he is our new General Manager for KNCO Newstalk 830 and Star … Read more >

It’s Back!!!

And I’m excited about it…and I do not mean the World Cup.  It’s the Demolition Derby and it will be back at the Nevada County Fair on Sunday night, August 10th.  Today, on Fitzsimmons and Flores, we will be joined … Read more >

On The Road Friday

Hope you can stop by and visit me at AmeriGas in Colfax.  I will be broadcasting live from their North Canyon Way offices from 11 am to 2pm.  Colfax really is one of my favorite towns and it’s really because … Read more >

A Great Choice

Congrats on Nevada City getting a perfect choice for the Grand Marshall of this years 4th of July parade.  Evan Strong, gold medalist in the Sochi Special Olympics, will be leading the parade in our little red, white and blue … Read more >

Dr. Z

Had one of those trips to the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital emergency room last night, dealing with some issues with my leg.  Anyway, props to the staff of professionals that helped out, including Dr. Zimmerman who was gracious and informative … Read more >

Pride of our Nation

I think of the greatest generation often, but today, being the D-Day anniversary, I think even more about my Mom and Dad, just about 20 years old when the invasion happened.  So thankful for so much that we have as … Read more >

Election Day

Love election day in our newsroom, even when it is an “off-year” election.  But locally, this is big…with two supervisor seats, DA, Judge, Superintendent of Schools all  being contested.  I hope you do take time to vote today.  I cannot … Read more >

Miss you, Rita!

If you have been listening this past week to the morning news, our news anchor and station news director, Rita Stevens, has been taking some well deserved time off.   And now that time off will be extended.   Rita had a … Read more >

Good to be Back!

It is always great to take time off from work..but it is always good to get back home as well.  Nothing like sleeping with your own pillow in your own bed to really recharge the batteries.  And anytime that I … Read more >

Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day coming up without my Mom, who passed away back in October of 2011.  First off, cannot believe it was that long ago..time keeps marching on.  But it has made me more aware of the other great Moms … Read more >

I think it’s time for the tomatoes!!

Just got done with the morning news shift and after doing several weather forecasts and double checking with Dan Holiday, I think it might be time to get those tomato plants for this year’s garden after all.  Certainly sounds like … Read more >

Patience Please

Well, I am working on keeping my patience with our website issues.  How are you doing?  I do apologize that things are not working like they should.  Please know that we are working as quickly as possible to get things … Read more >

‘Tis the Season

Election season must be hear…because one by one by one, I am seeing campaign signs going up.  And “Red and White” seem to be the dominant color scheme.  And some are very large!!  I cannot wait for election day when … Read more >

Love The Madness

There is no better sporting event than the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships, complete with the brackets and inter-office pools.  It is so fun, so surprising and always filled with upsets.  Hope your brackets are doing better than mine.  Even my … Read more >

Tribute Update

Just a quick note that on Fitzsimmons and Flores today (Thursday) we will be joined by Nevada Union teacher, Jeff Dellis.  And we will be discussing on how you can help the Zetterberg Family, and for that matter, the NU … Read more >


Talked with Nevada Union softball coach, Kelly Boren, this morning about his team’s victory over Lincoln on Monday.  The Lady Miners, like the rest of the school, were shocked and saddened by the loss of Mr. Zetterberg, who died suddenly … Read more >

Strong Enough!

Congrats to Evan Strong, who won the Gold Medal in Sochi, Russia at the 2014 Paralympic Games.  Evan led a US sweep of the men’s snowboard cross event..and he did it in convincing fashion.  A Gold Medal…how about that!!  And … Read more >

Jail ‘n Bail

It is that time of year when KNCO has its own version of “March Madness”!  It’s time for Jail N Bail, and annual event to raise money for three great non-profits: CORR, Hospice of the Foothills, and FREED.  Please join … Read more >

Ready to hit the road!!

Many thanks to Duane Strawser at the Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop.  He has set me up in my next step in getting healthy…road cycling.  I still love running…but the pain in my knees, especially in my left one, … Read more >

I know we need the rain, but…

Why does it always rain at the start of the high school baseball season?  Even in a drought year, with January and February dry and in the 60’s and 70’s, Ted White and the NU Miners are ready to hit … Read more >

Don’t Blame the Victims

It is so unfortunate to hear about the behavior of our local fans during last Tuesday’s girls basketball playoff game between Sheldon and Nevada Union.  At a time that we should have been focusing on a very successful season for … Read more >

Enough of That!!

Okay…I can only give “props’ to Canada for so long.  One day is more than enough!  Now, time for our local kids to shine, especially on our AM station, as the High School Section Basketball championships begin.  We expect both … Read more >

Oh, Canada!

Don’t let it be said that I cannot give credit where it is due.  Congrats to the Canadian hockey teams, with both men and women winning gold medals during the Sochi Olympic Games.  They are still the best, especially in … Read more >

The Olympic Spirit

I love watching the Olympics and I love rooting for the USA athletes!  Nothing better!!  But it is also wonderful to discover the other athletes of the world and how much work and support it takes for them to compete … Read more >

Missed it by that much!

I feel a little like Maxwell Smart!  And, like many others, I did not see that Super Bowl outcome at all.  But congrats to the Seattle Seahawks and their 12th Man.  There is no doubt..they are the best team this … Read more >

Peyton’s Place

Well…contrary to what Forty-niner fans believe, the Super Bowl is only a couple of days away, so time to make the pick.  There is an adage that defense win championships…but last time I checked, you have to score some points, … Read more >

Pretty quiet this week

The super bowl is still this week…right?  I know the Niners did not make it, but there is not much of a buzz around this place about the big game.  Personally, I think it will be a great game.  My … Read more >

Time for Golf

Tough loss for the Niners against the Seahawks…but a real tough, physical game.  And like I stated last week, the lack of sportsmanship was more than evident at the end of that game.  So, maybe it’s time for the Niners … Read more >

Tired of the trash!

Football fans like myself really look forward to the NFL playoffs.  I love high school ball, but that ended long ago.  And the college system is so disjointed, I lose interest.  So, this past weekend, we got down to the … Read more >

Time to step it up!

All of a sudden, it really feels like the holiday season is over.  Maybe it’s the kids heading back to school…but I got to kick it into gear!  We are about to start our high school basketball broadcast schedule…one of … Read more >

New Year—New Me?

Happy New Year!  Sure hope that 2014 is a great year for you and your loved ones.  My 2013 did not end well, having a bad fall and injuring my left arm and hand.  It has not been easy, but … Read more >

Merry Christmas!!

I hope that you and yours have a very merry Christmas.

This has been no vacation!

And this is a wake up call for all.  Remember just about a month ago, Hollie and I hosted a show on fall prevention?  During that show, I shared that I was guilty of not being safe on my ladder.  … Read more >

Many Thanks!!

Thanksgiving Day is always a time to reflect on our blessings.  I have too many to mention here, but one I do not take for granted is my job.  Yeah…part of my radio “schtick” is to take shots at my … Read more >

Simpson College just got better!!

Congrats to the Lady Red Hawks of Simpson College and Coach Derrick Pringle.  Joining that college’s women’s basketball team are two outstanding Lady Miners from Nevada Union, Emma Peterson and Erin Selleck as they signed their letters of intent this … Read more >

Thanks and don’t stop

Just a quick thank you to all our friends and listeners who stopped by to donate to our Turkey/Food drive for the Nevada County Food Bank.  And my personal thanks to Toni Thompson and her staff for helping too.  Toni … Read more >

Tom knows turkey

I know its early, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  And, I sure do wish that everyone in our area will have a holiday filled with good friends, family and food.  It does seem basic, but too many have none of the … Read more >

Finally…NU Wins!!

I know it was a youth football game, but what fun both Geoff Flynn and I had broadcasting last Saturday’s championship midget football game between the Bear River Junior Bruins and the Nevada Union Junior Miners.  The level of play … Read more >

A Great Man Passes

Was saddened to hear of the passing of Tim Kays this past week.  Mr. Kays has been very ill the last number of years, so his death was not a shock, but still hurts.  Loved seeing him at NU basketball … Read more >

Tim Kiser

Just a quick thank you to Tim Kiser, who came in and joined us on Fitzsimmons and Flores to talk about project throughout Grass Valley.  Had lots of callers who Tim handled with grace and genuine concern.  And, as one … Read more >

Dorsey Drive

It has been awesome to watch the overpass being prepared on Dorsey Drive just outside our studios.  And now….they have poured the overpass deck.  Curbs are done…the street is next.  I think they contractors and workers are doing an outstanding … Read more >

Time to step up

We are down to the final three weeks of the high school football regular season.  The final chances to see our local kids play on the varsity gridiron.  I know that Nevada Union will not be going to the playoffs.  … Read more >

Thank you Pascale

Just wanted to thank Pascale Fusshoeller for taking the time to sit down on our Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show and discuss the past two weeks of her life.  She could not speak to everything because of advise of legal … Read more >

It will get better

Just went through what promises to be an emotional day for the rest of my life.  October 1st.  Two years ago, I was preparing to walk my oldest daughter, Katie, down the aisle on her wedding day in San Diego.  … Read more >

Austin Power

Austin Dowling…he has the power!!  Felt honored to be able to sit down and talk with him and his Mom, Michelle, the other day on Fitzsimmons and Flores.  Excited to see a young man beat leukemia and be a better … Read more >

Love the Honesty

Just wanted to make a quick comment about my guests on Fitzsimmons and Flores.  Richard Crandall from Sierra Services for the Blind was on  air along with Joe Glick, a former teacher who is now legally blind.  It was fascinating … Read more >

Above and beyond

Just a quick kudos to our computer guy, Ben Hannebrink.  We have battled a number of frustrating things lately, all too familiar to our listeners like our transmitter going down.  Yesterday, our AM station computer was hit with a virus … Read more >

Ready for some football?

I know I am ready.  College and high school football start this week and the NFL in just a week behind.  Best part of my job is doing play by play and love it when Friday Night Lights are back!  … Read more >

School Days

Hard to believe that the summer vacation has slipped away so quickly, but welcome back to school for the kids in the Western Nevada County area.  Not everyone is back quite yet, but must have started by today.  And, kudos … Read more >

Great Seeing You

Just a quick “Thank You” from me and all of us here at KNCO and Star 94FM for stopping by our gazebo and saying Hi during the Fair.  And, wasn’t it a great fair??  The weather made everyone smile for … Read more >


How did August get here so quickly??  Seemed like kids just got out of school a few weeks ago.  So…here we go!!!  In our area, that means the Fair…then school…then high school football….I could go on and on.  Here’s hoping … Read more >

We Will Miss You, Johnny

The community is stunned with the news of the passing of John Kane this past weekend.  John was the owner of Kane’s Restaurant in Grass Valley, taking a brick building no history of success, and turning it into a main … Read more >

Keep the cards and letter coming

One of my favorite things to do each year is reading the letters and cards sent in from the youth of our FFA and 4H programs.  They are preparing for the Junior Livestock Auction, Sunday, August 11th, at the Nevada … Read more >

Johnny Kane!

Just a quick shout out to John Kane, owner of Kane’s Restaurant and host of the Penny Pitch this past Saturday at his place.  Congrats on his remodel…the restaurant and bar is beautiful inside and out.  Just love how he, … Read more >

Ladies Kick Butt

Of course, anyone in Nevada County already know that ladies are great athletes.  It starts in middle school, continues on in high school with numerous section titles in Basketball, Volleyball and softball…just to name a few.  And then, when you … Read more >

No Destruction Derby??!!

I know that the elephant issue has dominated the talk about the upcoming Nevada County Fair.  But at the end of our talk show Thursday, heard that the Destruction Derby will NOT be at the fair this year on Sunday … Read more >

First Responders

Seems like everyday we say exceptional work done by First Responders to emergency situations.  Incredible the more people did not perish in the Asiana Airlines crash at SFO thanks to the plane’s crew and the police and fire response at … Read more >

Say A Prayer

It was a very tragic weekend, both locally and in the West.  Anytime a young child dies, it is sad and to lose a young 12 year old swimming at the Yuba River is especially sad.  Then to hear that … Read more >

The Greatest Gift

Congrats are going out to my wife’s son, Tyson and his wife, Yvette, who gave birth to a daughter last night.  Both mother and baby, Sybil, are doing fine.  So excited and blessed to have another grandchild in the family…and … Read more >

Yea “Old” Guy

Had another indicator that I am getting older when I found myself rooting for Ken Duke in this past weekend’s PGA Tour event, the Travelers Championship.  Here is Duke, the old guy at 44, trying to win for the first … Read more >

Congrats to the Class of 2013

Graduation week for the high schools here in Western Nevada County and we have two members of our part-time staff going through commencement exercises.  Taylor Day, our very own Pat Day’s daughter, and Trevor Fry are both graduation from Nevada … Read more >

It’s really happening

Don’t know how you feel, but I am thrilled to see that the preliminary work is off to such a great start on the Dorsey Drive interchange project.  So dramatic to see dirt and brush moved so we can already … Read more >

Always glad to be back home again

Had a wonderful vacation with my wife in Kauai for about a week and just wanted to thank those who stepped up in my absence while I was gone, including Dave Bear, who got everyone through the mornings, and Phil … Read more >

Hall of Famers

Wanted to say thanks to the staff and administrators at Bear River High School who chose me to host the 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony this past Saturday evening.  It was great to be around the Bruins’ parents and … Read more >

The Worst Deja Vu

The horrors from the attacks on the Boston Marathon were very tough to look at this past day and night.  Just terrible that another great East Coast city was attacked, and on such a special day, Patriots’ Day.  Everyone back … Read more >

Tax Day

Yeah…it is tax day..time to get those taxes done, or maybe an extension filed.  I do not like this day.  On a much better note, Jackie Robinson day today…66 years ago, he broke the color barrier so everyone could play … Read more >

Feel the love

There was lots of love this past weekend for the youth of Nevada County.  Great attendance at the volleyball games at Union Hill School.  Also on Saturday, thanks to all that went out to run and walk and donate to … Read more >


Wanted to write a quick note of thanks for all of the KNCO listeners and Union readers that voted me the Best Radio Personality in this year’s “Best Of” edition in this past weekend’s Union.  It is a great honor … Read more >

Behind the Scenes

Funny how I just blogged about the supportive office staff at our radio station doing so much behind the scenes.  Now, we get to appreciate our engineering staff lead by Kael Murray who has the job of taking apart and … Read more >

End of an Era

Phyllis Click is leaving KNCO..in fact we are having a going away party tonight.  She has been the face of KNCO for those visiting our studios for the past decade and did her job with grace, dignity and a smile.  … Read more >

Madness Time

Oh….it’s too early to talk basketball..that is later this week.  Madness is the World Baseball Classic having the always popular match up between the Dominican Republic and the Netherlands playing America’s pastime in San Francisco.   The winner plays Puerto Rico??!!  … Read more >

A New Pope

Not sure if you listened to Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show on Monday, but we had Father Sylvester from St. Patrick’s on air to talk about the selection of a new Pope, Francis I.  I was born and raised Catholic…Irish … Read more >

Our Finest

Just got done interviewing Officer Dina Hernandez of the CHP on the air, along with Hollie Grimaldi-Flores, our our afternoon talk show.  She reminded me of the many top-notch men and women who serve our local communities, and the state, … Read more >

And I Shall Call Her “Willis”

I grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, right across the river from Manhattan.  That is why I am a Rangers hockey fan and a New York Knicks fan.  I have always loved basketball and really love broadcasting it, especially … Read more >

Lady Bruins…WOW

Just wanted to write a quick note about the Bear River Lady Bruins basketball team which will be heading to Sleep Train Arena this Saturday to play Bradshaw Christian for a section title.  It is a great accomplishment for this … Read more >

Give Erik at Great Sendoff

Had a great conversation last week with NU grad and UCLA golfer, Erik Flores during the Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show.  He is an outstanding young man from a great local family and he is trying to follow his dream … Read more >


Amazing to see how our town could grind to a halt from about three inches of snow.  The roadways were unbelievable…now what will happen if we really get some snow??

Super Bowl

Kind of a crazy game to say the least on Sunday, and it capped off a crazy year in the NFL, especially for the 49ers.  Amazing to have such a young quarterback lead your team to the Super Bowl and … Read more >

Last and not least!

Had a great conversation with Gary Plunkett on Fitzsimmons and Flores Monday afternoon.  He is a great guy..hard worker and has great pride on what he does at the Nevada Cemetery District.   He is also a huge basketball fan and … Read more >

Brotherly Love

There is nothing like the “love” of brothers.  I have three brothers, all great and all different.  There are two older ones, Johnny and Bobby and my younger brother, Jimmy.  And I think you have to have brothers to really … Read more >

Oh no…another sign

Yep..had another one of those signs of getting just a bit older each year.  My years are marked, in some respects, by doing play by play sports.  I am just getting used to seeing kids that were once on the … Read more >

Finally…it’s here!

But, those that know me might assume that I am referring to the NHL lockout ending and hockey getting back on the ice..and the air.  No doubt…love my NY Rangers above all other teams.  But, I am excited to have … Read more >

Icy Roads

Today was another tough start to the workday for lots in Nevada County.  We sure have more than our share of accidents both in and outside of town during these chilly days. Over 5 accidents Thursday Morning before 8am, including … Read more >

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Nevada County Broadcasters.  Hope you enjoy all the wonders of this season with your friends and family.


And that thanks is to everyone who stopped by to say Hi to Santa and make a donation of both love and money to help out Shaylee Sanderson yesterday outside our studio.  It was especially great to have Santa make … Read more >

Let the healing begin

Mine is a simple prayer for peace for those who lost so much in Newtown, CT and Sandy Hook Elementary School.  From the parents and grandparents, husbands and friends, and the surviving students, the loss is so big and so … Read more >

Christmas Shopping

For those that want to know, I am done thinking about my Christmas shopping.  It is early for me to be done thinking about going shopping.  I guess it is because Thanksgiving was so early this year.   So..this gives me … Read more >

Army-Navy Game

Not sure if you caught it, but the Army vs Navy football game from Philadelphia was a classic this year.  In the end, Navy won for the 10th time in a row, but had to withstand a last minute drive … Read more >

Bike, Bikes and more Bikes

This marks the 21st year for the Food and Toy run that motorcyclists have been doing in the Western Nevada County area.  It is a great event and thank goodness we have such great weather for it…I mean what a … Read more >


Yeah..what’s a NUIT??  It is the Nevada Union Invitational and it is great that Coach Jeff Dellis at NU has the boys basketball team hosting this event.  This year we have St. John’s, a college prep high school from New … Read more >

Youth will be served

Youth is the topic on today’s Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show.  We always hear that youth loitering in the downtown areas hinder us older folk enjoying local events and even shop in the stores.  So..what is being done about it…and … Read more >

More Shopping Local

Hollie and I will continue on talk on shopping local…the pros and cons.  And, we will also talk about local events since tonight is the first Victorian Christmas celebration in Nevada City.  Are these events still geared toward locals..or are … Read more >

Tuesday on Fitz and Flo

Many thanks to Rick Hansen joining us to discuss the fiscal cliff and other economic issues during our debut of Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show.  He has a wealth of knowledge and a gift to make it understandable to a … Read more >

First Show Monday

Well…as you might have heard the promo, our first Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show is on for Monday at 1pm.  I will be joined by Rick Hansen of RW Baird and we will be discussing the “Fiscal Cliff”…what it means … Read more >

Talk Show Update

Well…here is the latest.  Our new local talk show will be starting next Monday, December 3rd and will be at 1pm.  It will be hosted by me and Hollie Grimaldi-Flores and will be called “Fitzsimmons and Flores”.  Hey, it’s at … Read more >

My Thanksgiving Football Fix

Alright…I am all for traditions and nothing better than a great Turkey dinner and all the trimming and enjoying NFL Football.  But, why does it have to be Detroit and Dallas hosting the two early games?  How about this idea.  … Read more >

Thanks and Prayers

My brothers and sisters are realizing that Thanksgiving will never be the same after the passing of our Mom last year.  Living back home, our house, despite nine kids, was the gathering place for the entire family for the holiday.  … Read more >

Coming Soon to your local radio station

I’ve been at KNCO now for 17 years…Wow…that is a long time especially when I see it in writing.  We love doing local news and sports stories..and for many years, we had a local talk radio show called “Two-Way Radio”.  … Read more >

Time to Move On

High School football season is over here at the radio station, though foothill powers Placer and Del Oro won this past Friday night..so best of luck to both programs heading towards a section title.  Both Nevada Union and Bear River … Read more >

No Better Place to Be

High school football playoffs begin tonight.  It is such a great time for the schools, our foothills communities, and especially, our radio station.  It is great to go down to a city like Modesto, where Bear River plays tonight, and … Read more >

How ’bout Howard!

Like to say “congrats” to all the candidates who won their races during this past Tuesday’s elections.  And, also thanks to all who ran to serve their constituents.  Just saw Howard Levine this morning when he stopped by to say … Read more >

More than just a football town

A couple of sports notes that need to be pointed out of a group of athletes that are performing very well this fall…and they do not wear shoulder pads.  First, congrats to the Bear River Lady Bruin water polo team, … Read more >

It’s almost here…just a little longer

Are you like me??  Do the political ads on our station and TV just put you over the edge at this point?  Each election they seem to get a little nastier and extreme.  So, thanks to those candidates and PAC’s … Read more >

Friday Night Lights

Hope you take time to enjoy a great event that happens every Friday night in the fall…High School Football!  Not only do we have two outstanding teams locally in our district, but the teams in Colfax and Auburn (Placer) are … Read more >

One year ago

Sometimes it can be tough to remember what happened just a day ago, never mind one year ago.  For me, I will always remember Saturday, October 1, 2011.  That day, I was giving away my oldest daughter Katie in matrimony … Read more >

Always Remember

Isn’t hard to believe that 11 years have passed since the terror attacks of September 11th?  Of all the events that I commemorate on the airwaves, this I find the most difficult.  Growing up where I did in Jersey City, … Read more >

Just wanted to say “Thanks”

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and support over the past couple of weeks.  Yeah, I guess you can say I was surprised as anyone that I was no longer at KNCO and doing the morning news show.  But … Read more >

Is it really time for school already?

Hard to believe it, especially with 100 degree heat, but the kids are ready to get back at school..if not this week, then more than likely the following week.  Remember when summer vacation included the summer month of August.  School … Read more >

Keep the cards and letters coming

This is my favorite time of year at the radio station, when the FFA and 4H kids write the station inviting everyone to the Junion Livestock Auction at the Nevada County Fair.  Hope you can join me during the morning … Read more >

Peace for Carol

One of my favorite people in the world finally lost her battle to cancer this past Saturday.  Carol Nickels, wife of longtime KNCO swap shop host, Mike Nickels, passed away.  Carol will always be remembered for her kindness and Christian … Read more >

Gump trumps golf

Had a fun talk with NU diving coach, William Heinz, on the air this morning about a fundraiser for his team.  First I thought…Oh No!  Not another golf tourney!  I just received info and invites for the CORR tourney, and … Read more >

I Love A Parade

Had such a great time broadcasting the 4th of July Parade from Nevada City on both Newstalk 830 and Star 94FM.  First time in a very long that we did the live broadcast on air…and Hollie Grimaldi-Flores did a great … Read more >

Coast To Coast Update

Lots of worried listeners last night at Coast to Coast with George Noory did NOT air as scheduled.  I think of all the shows that we air here at KNCO, Coast to Coast fans are the most loyal.  Let me … Read more >

Pitching pennies…now a good thing!

Hard to believe that this is the fifth year for the KNCO/Kane’s Penny Pitch.  That also means that Johnny Kane and his restaurant have been going strong for about six years also..Wow…where does the time go?  The Penny Pitch is … Read more >

You’re the best!

Yes..you…the KNCO listener and web surfer…you are the best.  Once again, with no notice and very little time, you came through to help the Meals on Wheels program deliver much needed food to seniors here in Nevada County.  I knew … Read more >

Lifting Spirits

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to write Jim Kerr a note or card, or paid him a visit, while he rehabs after a recent heart procedure down at Mercy General.  Currently, he is over at Springhill Manor.  … Read more >


Just a quick congratulations…not only to the students in the class of 2012, but also to the parents who, somedays, thought that this day would not come.  And, I am sure there are some teachers that might feel the same … Read more >

Going Out in Style

Was just down at Bear River High School, visiting with Patty Ehlers, officially the Activities Secretary, but really…she pretty much runs the place.  You could see and feel the excitement from the kids, especially from the seniors, with the last … Read more >

The Rocket Man

Had lunch with a long time friend and a favorite with KNCO listeners, Rocket Rich Brock, yesterday.  Happy to report that he is doing fine and still doing radio, currently at KLOVE towards Rocklin.  Rocket is now a published author..releasing … Read more >

Wonderful Sights

A great addition to the Memorial Day activities in Western Nevada County were the Blue Star Moms.  First off, heard that the talks from the Moms were very moving at Memorial Park.  And then, after my holiday air shift, it … Read more >

Memories of Mom

Memorial Day is being celebrated this Monday.  It is such a special holiday…really a holy day for our nation, honoring those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms that we enjoy. My Mom passed away last October after a … Read more >

Love being a Grandpa

Hey, I don’t feel like a grandpa, but I have to admit, that I am starting to look like one.  The ever growing amount of gray in my beard is proof of that.  My step daughter, Megan, became a mom … Read more >

Golf with my newest local hero

I have been covering sports for lots of years locally.  I was a sport writer for a short time in the mid-80’s for the Union newspaper, and have been here at KNCO covering high school sports since the mid 90’s.  … Read more >

Bus Stop

It is great to see the bus stop project in downtown Grass Valley back up and going.  One reason is that it will be a great addition to the town…also it is great to see Hansen Brothers’ crews out there.  … Read more >

Is it time to bring back the KNCO Marching Band?

Just got the entry application for this year’s 4th of July parade put on my desk.  Nothing says that summer is around the corner than that paperwork arriving….Yikes!!!  We have done a lot of different things in the parade since … Read more >

Calling all hoopsters!!

It was great having Coach Jeff Dellis on the air this morning to talk about two big events at NU’s Ali Gym.  One is this weekend and was featured just the other day in The Union.  Josiah Paye is putting … Read more >

Love our Fairgrounds!

Nothing makes you know the vacation is over than the first morning back at work.  Of course, doing the morning show here, it is a fun way to start back and seeing the smiling faces of Rita, Deana, and Greg … Read more >

Ready to get back to it!

It is always nice to be back home after a trip, yes, even from Hawaii.  We live in such a wonderful area and I am personally blessed with so many wonderful people I can depend on..including Greg Jannetta who fills … Read more >

Vacation time just zips along

You make plans for it months, even a year in advance.  Then, it seems like forever before it arrives.  Finally, you are on your vacation…and just in the middle of having fun, it is time to head home. Roxanne and … Read more >

Rivercats new play-by-play guy

Nothing signals Spring like the start of baseball season and there is some great ball games just down the hill with the Sacramento Rivercats. And this season they have a new guy doing PBP with a KNCO connection.  Our former news … Read more >

Technology is grand!

I love going on vacation, and these new gadgets make staying in touch fun and easy.  My wife’s iPad make blogging easy.  My iphone let me listen to my Rangers win their Stanley Cup opener live from a radio station … Read more >

Welcome to our new website!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new KNCO websites.  I say “sites” because we also have a new look on our sister station, Star 94FM.  You can check it out at mystarradio.com.   Please let us know what you think about our … Read more >