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I-80 Delays Hamper Sierra Vacation Traffic

With July being one of the busiest vacation months of the year, delays and traffic congestion on Interstate 80 in the Sierra could worsen. Cal Trans is continuing upgrades all the way up to the Nevada state line. That’s 24 … Read more >

Special Fire Task Force Deployed Again

With the recent extreme fire risk, because of the heat, area fire departments were recently able to once again place a special Task Force on standby. Grass Valley Department Public Information Officer, Chris Armstrong, says that was through funding approval … Read more >

Few Serious Heat-Related Illnesses Here

Despite one of the longer stretches of extreme high temperatures in recent summers, Nevada County’s Public Health Officer says there have been no heat-related hospitalizations or deaths. But Doctor Sherilynn Cooke says there have been a significant number of illnesses … Read more >

National Health Care Accreditation Wayne Brown

While Sacramento County continues to struggle with jail deaths, Nevada County’s Wayne Brown Correctional Facility has received it’s first-ever National Accreditation for quality health care services. Undersheriff Sam Brown says it’s their first-ever recognition, after a lengthy three-year process… click … Read more >

Higgins Fire Assessment Hike Finally Approved

After four previous failures, the Higgins Fire District has finally received approval from property owners for a benefit assessment increase. That follows a mail-in ballot election. The annual hike is 178 dollars higher than the 25-dollar assessment that had been … Read more >

Three Drownings In NevCo Holiday Weekend

Three drownings over the Fourth of July weekend in Nevada County. Two were in the Yuba River on the same day, last Thursday, on the Fourth. There are still few details available. None of the victims are from the local … Read more >

Livestock Fuels Reduction Program Approved

Like a number of other areas in the region, including Yuba and Sutter Counties, goats and sheep are going to also be playing more of a key role in Nevada County’s wildfire mitigation efforts. At their recent meeting, the Board … Read more >

Fire Restrictions Tightened Tahoe Forest

The heat has also further heightened the wildfire danger in the Tahoe National Forest. And that means it’s time to implement what officials call “stage one restrictions”. Spokeswoman Sophia Hamann says the main change is to the use of campfires, … Read more >

Fire Safe Council Has Full Staffing Again

The furloughed staff of the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County apparently didn’t stay away very long. That occurred in April, when the Council announced the suspension of operations, due to an impasse with the county. They cited a lack … Read more >

Temporary NID Canal Outages Now Necessary

Temporary rotating water delivery cutoffs for a limited number of canals will have to be implemented after all, as part of the ongoing emergency shortage in the Nevada Irrigation District. The shortage has worsened, due to additional delays to PG … Read more >