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Dave Bear, the new Swap Shop Host! Dave has been in radio for a while. His first job was hosting a Swap Shop program in Craig, CO in the the late 70's. Most recently he co-hosted the morning show on our sister station STAR 94 FM, and helped with the creation of the Shopping Show on KNCO and former sister station KUBA in Yuba City. Dave worked at KUBA for 25 years in various capacities and has lived there for nearly as long. Dave has a big family and enjoys all his kids and now grandkids. His hobbies include woodworking, and you can see his work by checking out his website www.2bearswoodshop.com.

Gotta Get This Off My Chest

My wife and I were taking our dogs for their evening walk Saturday when she, out of the blue, said “you are such a good writer, I don’t know why you don’t write about it”.  My first response was “Waaaa?”, followed by “She thinks I’m a good writer!”, followed again by “Waaaa?”  The “Waaaa?” won so I had to ask what in the world she was talking about.  “Rude people, people who don’t follow common courtesy with their dogs, people who think the world is their dog’s toilet or off the leash dog park!”

She’s right, civility has broken down in so many ways.  People walk, and drive, around with such a huge chip on their shoulder  –  I am surprised they can check their blind spot while behind the wheel.  Heck, maybe that’s why they can’t see other cars as they dart across highways like moths drawn to a flame.  Responding on some basic biological drive to the bright porch light of an open spot in traffic 3 lanes over.

I can’t tell you how many times as we go on our evening walks we have had to divert our route because someone has their dogs off the leach playing chase the ball in the park.  I understand dog’s need to run freely, it’s one of the reasons I supported the creation of the Off The Leash park!  Everyone has the notion that their dog is never gonna snap, never gonna forget all the expensive training, and for one moment become the animal that they are.  Everyone thinks that because they’ve watched hours of “The Dog Whisperer” they are Cesar Millan and their dogs will be 100 percent on task.  But even Cesar has animals he has trouble with behaving all the time.

Maybe these people have really bought into the theory that animal behavior can be trained out of the animal.  I’m sorry, I don’t buy that for one minute.  Humans are the high point of evolution {or divine creation (you choose, the point remains the same)} yet humans respond all to often as animals.  Without thought of the impact of their actions, just on base animalistic desire.  The ability to discern between “Want to” and “Should do” is what separates us in the animal kingdom.  I bet these are the same people that drive like the previously mentioned moths!

Off the leash is only the tip of the problem.  Why can’t people pick up after their dogs?  No, it’s not just gonna breakdown and become fertilizer.  It’s gonna lay there, like a landmine, waiting to wreck some kids whole afternoon.  We all know there are too many plastic bags floating around anyway, may as well put them to good use.  You can’t recycle those plastic bags, they are gonna wind up in the landfill . . . . so fill them with those dog leavings and then toss them away!  Think of someone other than yourself!  The dog is yours, you decided that you wanted the dog.  With apologies to Stan Lee, with dog ownership, comes great responsibility.  The bigger the dog the greater the responsibility too.

Grab a bag, and take that dog for a walk, on the leash . . . . . . . . .

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