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Dave Bear, the new Swap Shop Host! Dave has been in radio for a while. His first job was hosting a Swap Shop program in Craig, CO in the the late 70's. Most recently he co-hosted the morning show on our sister station STAR 94 FM, and helped with the creation of the Shopping Show on KNCO and former sister station KUBA in Yuba City. Dave worked at KUBA for 25 years in various capacities and has lived there for nearly as long. Dave has a big family and enjoys all his kids and now grandkids. His hobbies include woodworking, and you can see his work by checking out his website www.2bearswoodshop.com.

Is The Universe Trying To Tell Me Something?

In the past 2 weeks I have injured my right hand 3 different ways.  It occurred to me this morning that perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something and I wasn’t listening.  Does the universe want me to work more with my left hand?  Because that is the net result.

I have to confess, becoming a lefty is no easy task!  My handwriting, already a challenge for others to read, is now totally indecipherable, the scissors are all backwards, the turn signal is on the wrong side of the steering wheel, the problems seem to never end!  On top of that, as a lefty statistics show I will have a shorter life!

I have many left handed friends and have shared laughs with them about their problems.  Now, who’s laughing………………………..

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