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Dave Bear, the new Swap Shop Host! Dave has been in radio for a while. His first job was hosting a Swap Shop program in Craig, CO in the the late 70's. Most recently he co-hosted the morning show on our sister station STAR 94 FM, and helped with the creation of the Shopping Show on KNCO and former sister station KUBA in Yuba City. Dave worked at KUBA for 25 years in various capacities and has lived there for nearly as long. Dave has a big family and enjoys all his kids and now grandkids. His hobbies include woodworking, and you can see his work by checking out his website www.2bearswoodshop.com.

New Fire Fighting Technology In The Works

With the Robbers Fire burning everyone is more aware than usual of the fire dangers in our area.  The sounds of the fire attack planes and helicopters buzzing overhead make us all a little edgy.Interesting how sounds can do that to your overall sense of well being.

A new report from the good people at the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (We all know who DARPA is right?  She dropped the house on the wicked witch!) have come up with a wildly radical and new way to put out fire.  Using sound waves!

It works by using a specific frequency to increase air speed to thin the layer where combustion occurs then an other frequency, then another frequency disrupts the vaporization rate of the fuel to cool the over all temperature.  Sounds very voodooish to me, but I’m no physicist.  As they say one man’s magic, is another man’s science.

I did some further research and found out the specific frequencies required to achieve this miracle are found in a simple children’s song.  It’s the same song blared by the nation’s ice cream trucks at the same audio levels you hear when the space shuttle blasted off.

Finally, a good use for those blasted trucks that roll past my house just after dinner time . . . . . . . . .

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