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Not Everyone Thinks Fusshoeller Is In The Right

Though there is a lot of active support for Pascale Fussholler because of her marital status and community contributions, not everyone in the community thinks the same way. Mike, a caller on KNCO’s Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show Friday afternoon thinks Pascale should be held accountable for her actions.
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The caller also referenced a similar situation that allegedly occurred several years ago.
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The deportation event described by the caller has not been confirmed as of this posting.


October 13, 2013

Dolly Jaynes

Her work at yubanet is invaluable and we are a much safer place when we have her to rely on. Get a life lady. She is a very important part of our community.

October 13, 2013


Absolutely true the law is the law and shouldn't change because there's a piece of a love story attached, u don't want to be deported update your visa and don't break the law

October 14, 2013


Thank god people still out there are not afraid to speak their mind in spite of the overwhelming (and vocal) minority that claims feelings should prevail over the law. Many of the problems faced by our great country can be attributed to overpopulation and illegal immigration. Our caller, Mike, does a superb job of pointing out the fact that Pascale was engaged in habitual criminal behavior, and continues to "feel" that her disdain for the rule of law should triumph because her and her partner say so.

She stayed illegally (before marriage was even brought into the picture... if she liked her current spouse so much, she should have visited her repeatedly and waited for the laws to change to sponsor her current wife), presumably drove illegally (and put us all at risk of an unlicensed driver), ran her business illegally (and probably did not pay the same taxes a citizen would have), and then when confronted, was even more felonious in pretending to be someone else to continue breaking the law. There is no justification for looking the other way, no matter how vocal her group of friends are about continuing to break the law in Pascale's name.

October 14, 2013

Dot Quaid

DrAnon makes a whole lot of allegations that are merely opinion ans supposition, not based on fact. True, Pascale is here illegally and should have fixed her status long ago, but that's moot now. Her business, which was started with her wife, who is an American citizen, is perfectly legal, they pay taxes and have contributed greatly to this community.

Not having a license doesn't make you a poor driver; they also had insured vehicles, so no risk there. There is no 'disdain for the rule of law', just fear that this very thing would happen, hence her actions after being stopped by CHP. She isn't the first person to give false information to an officer nor the last; that doesn't make her a 'habitual criminal'.

Her case illustrates the problem with immigration reform in that each case is different, every situation is different and being here illegally should not result in automatic deportation ASAP. Having a spouse doesn't necessarily mean you have a sponsor to stay here either; been there, done that with my husband, who is a resident alien. The process is long, expensive, time-consuming and often degrading in that every nook and cranny of your life and your spouse's is examined repeatedly.

No one is asking for authorities to 'look the other way'. Instead, we are asking that Pascale be given the opportunity to correct her status and do what is necessary to satisfy ICE, be that paying fines or whatever, before she is swiftly deported without benefit of a hearing. She hasn't been back to Luxembourg in 15 years, has no friends or family there and would have to stay 10 years before returning to the USA - might as well send her to Siberia, it will have the same effect.

Immigration law shouldn't be black-and-white, we must allow exceptions for exceptional people, and Pascale certainly fits that bill. Let a judge decide her fate, not an agency with quotas to fill.

October 14, 2013


It is very easy to come from a place of privilege and tell others that they should have "waited for the law to change." Ms. Fusshoeller and her wife had absolutely no means to pursue a legal visa or spousal sponsorship because, up until this year, the law discriminated against gays and lesbians. Ms. Fusshoeller's current situation would not have been what it is if it weren't for unconstitutional, discriminatory practices. There are now laws in place that should protect Pascale and her partner. Pascale should not be deported.

October 14, 2013


I don't think she was "in the right", but that doesn't mean I think our community is best served by her leaving it. She provides an invaluable service to us all each summer with her fire coverage. Firefighters in the area have written public letters of support. I'm also not her friend; I've never had a personal conversation with her. But if she needs to pay society back for the crime of being here illegally all these years, she can do that best by continuing to do what she's been doing: serving the community via Yubanet.com.

October 14, 2013

Eileen Hale

DrAnon, my first father-in-law was engaged in "habitual criminal behavior," illegally entering the US from Canada during or after the World War I, breaking out of prison in Poland twice when the Polish army tried to draft him (a Jew), and making his way to Canada and then New York to join the rest of his family. Not until Roosevelt's amnesty was he able to become a citizen.

My point is that not all "habitual criminal behavior" is equal, and I put high value on being able to stay with someone you love.

The idea of her having to wait for the laws to change in order to stay with her partner appalls me. It turned out to be 15 years, but it could have been forever, as things looked not long ago. If she were marrying a man, she could have gained citizenship long ago.

I doubt that there's much profit, if any, from YubaNet, which gives the community so much service, so I don't see getting out of paying taxes as an issue.

I don't know what we, the foothill community, will do without her if she's not allowed to stay.

October 14, 2013

Cynthia Karpa

Eileen Hale said everything I planned to about gaining citizenship through marriage and the value of YubaNet.

Her father-in-law's story is similar to my father's story as well, except he was an Estonian taken for slave labor by the German army. He also came in when Congress lifted the quotas for immigration in 1947. At first Allied troops put Displaced Persons on repatriation trains and sent them back to their countries of origin where Russians shot them as they stepped off the trains. The Allies stopped the trains.

Immigration policy in the U.S. has a history of following the spirit of the law rather than the letter, as it should in Pascale's case.

October 14, 2013


Have a look at this two year old review of Yubanet by "Columbia Journalism Review."
Not too bad an income. Also, and I quote: "…As Fusshoeller looks to the future, she considers hiring someone to assist the daily workflow, as she often has to drive for several hours in the Sierra to cover government meetings.…"
Pascale's and Susan's problems are not a gay issue. This is total disregard of this country and its laws. I know immigrating legally and eventually becoming a citizen through naturalization is a long and not always pleasant process. One can't have the cake and eat it too.

October 14, 2013

Mr Teeney

The bottom line is laws were broken and we're expected to give her a free pass. If I commit a crime, but I have a web site that people visit does that render myself to be innocent? According to booking reports, one felony count of impersonation, misdemeanor counts of false info, license requirements and obstruction. Not to mention having an expired visa since 1998. I have a few friends who went through thousands of dollars and waited years getting their citizenship, but because a vocal minority makes a stink, all this should be forgotten?

October 14, 2013


I am betting this is nothing more than retaliation of some sort by the higher ups in Nevada County. They are famous for it and two "retaliation" cases are in civil and criminal court right now there. Well now they have a fight on their hands. If it can be proved it was retaliation,they will have a civil case. Their should be a reward offered for anyone who knows about this and who is brave enough to speak up.

October 15, 2013


Dot: Everything I have said has been reported in the media. There is no doubt she entered and stayed in this country illegally (why is that moot? because you are her friend?) There is no doubt that she drove without a license. Yes, driving without a license can and is dangerous; why else did governor moonbeam push ahead with issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants? It boggles my mind that you will go so far to defend this person that you maintain that all our laws are not needed. You cannot make a serious case that licenses are not a good idea.

Furthermore, "her business" may be legally operating, but just how much social security tax has she paid? Medicare? Oh wait, she has no social security number, and thus, has PAID NO TAX. Perhaps you don't make enough to be angry about that, but boy, I am sure bitter about the deductions they take from my check - and now I have to listen to you say she has paid taxes? Malarky!

I understand that you're supporting her because she is your friend, and I would do the same for my friend, however, the cherry on top was presenting false identity to a police officer. These are only the crimes we have been made aware of. Comparing her to a prisoner of war is simply melodramatic and silly. Her and her partner knew for 15 years this day might come, yet they thumbed their nose at the rule of law in society and continue to do so; unless we're talking about her rights as an inmate, then we scream bloody murder that we aren't following the rules. Shameful.

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