Makes 1-1/2 cups

2 egg yolks at room temperature

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. dry mustard

¾ cup plain salad oil

¼ cup olive oil

1 Tbs. lemon juice, more as needed

1 Tbs. rice vinegar, more as needed

1 Tbs. hot water

Place egg yolks in a medium bowl and whisk for a minute or 2 until they are thick and sticky. Add salt and mustard and whisk for another minute to blend well.

Combine the oils in a 2 cup liquid measure and begin adding the oil drop by drop, while beating slowly and constantly. Do not stop beating until the mayonnaise has started to thicken.

After about 1/3 cup of oil has gone in, add the oil a little faster in a steady, thin stream until all the oil has been added.

If the mayonnaise becomes too thick to whisk, start adding small amounts of lemon juice and vinegar to thin it out a bit, then continue to add the oil.

Once all the oil has been added, taste for salt and correct seasoning with lemon juice and vinegar if needed. Beat in the hot water. Transfer to a smaller bowl. Put plastic wrap right down on the surface and refrigerate until needed. Use within a few days.