Sous Vide Beef Roast

Steve’s Beef Tenderloin

For one trimmed whole beef tenderloin. Save some of the fat trim.

Season with salt and pepper the day before and vacuum seal overnight.

Bring the sous vide water bath to temperature as given below.

Submerge in sous vide water bath at 130°F. for 8 – 10 hours

130° seems to be perfect for the rare to medium rare folks. Seems like you could go with 127° for people who really like it rare and 135° for folks who prefer medium to medium rare. 130° works perfect for me.

Take beef out of sous vide water bath. Remove beef from bag and save the juices.

Preheat cast iron Dutch oven or skillet until very hot. Film the bottom of the pan with grape seed oil or some other high smoke point oil; Canola and plain vegetable oil work fine. Sear on both sides. Get a really good sear and don’t worry about over-cooking meat.

Set meat aside and add the reserved juices to the hot pan. Use a wooden spoon to scrape up and dissolve the brown bits. Pour off and reserve the juices. Skim off the fat.

Beurre Rouge Sauce

A few pieces of fat trimmed from the beef

2 Tbsp. minced shallots

1/3 to ½ cup red wine

2 Sticks cold butter

Take fat trimmings and render down in a stainless steel or heavy non-stick sauce pan. Remove rendered bits from the pan and discard.

Add shallots and cook briefly until translucent. Add red wine and reduce.

Add reserved drippings from Sous Vide bag and reduce until almost syrupy.

Add the cold butter in pieces and whisk into the sauce.

If too thin, make a roux with butter and flour and whisk in the sauce.