Shopping Center

The KNCO Shopping Show is a great way to shop local and save up to 50 percent while doing your shopping.  There are two ways to shop, click on the link and shop on line.  Or join us Saturday morning from 10 to Noon.   To see the impressive list of  Shopping Show partners, click where is says “Begin Shopping”.  And Thanks for keeping you dollars Local!

Swap Shop is KNCO’s garage sale on the air.  Every weekday afternoon join Dave Bear from 3 to 5 PM, and every Saturday join Pat Day from 8 to 10 AM by calling the show 477-KNCO (477-5626).  The show depends on your participation.  You call with what you have for sale, or ask for for something you need.  You are allowed up to 4 items total.  There are certain restrictions, No weapons, No employment opportunities, No alcohol.  Other than than, join the fun.   You can also post things and look over all the listings at the Swap Shop Website.  Just click “Enter Swap Shop” and start your money saving, or money making journey.