Pet Patrol

Here’s our list of lost and found pets. You can add your lost or found pet notices using the form at the bottom of the existing listings.  You only need to hit the “Add To Pet Patrol” button once.  Your Pet Patrol listing has to be approved before you will see it here.  Once the listing is approved it will be online for 4 days.

Lost – 02/15/2018 – Male American Bulldog
Location: hwy 49 near Milhous
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Shana (530) 913-1030

He is tan and old. He is also deaf and has bad hips. he is extremely friendly and slobbers a lot. his name is Bartimus. He is wearing a green collar. If you have seen him please please let us know

Found – 02/16/2018 – Male dog
Location: Greenhorn and Pine Peak
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Mark Ivey (530) 273-1243

long-haired white 30lb. friendly dog – Alaskan?

Lost – 12/03/2012 – Male Bengal Cat
Location: Lincoln, CA
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Bonnie (916) 884-1376

“Ocelot” was a large (18 lbs all muscle) golden cat with exotic black leopard markings. He was a top show cat, on his way to Supreme. I bred and raised him and he was best buddy. Not microchipped, but he has a distinctive marking on his left front leg : a larger black spot with four black spots around one half of it, my making it look just like a paw print. He was an indoor only cat and would have been terrified When he got out on 12/3/2012 during a severe winter storm. I’ve done everything humanly possible to find him over the past 5+ years and am still looking. There is a known pet thief in our area who was caught red handed stealing a Bengal from its owners yard just a couple miles from us, so Ocelot could be anywhere. Please, if you found, purchased or adopted a cat like this in Dec 2012 or early 2013, text or leave a voicemail for me. I’m looking for closure so I can stop imaging all the gruesome things that could have happened to him.

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