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Dave Bear


Dave Bear, the new Swap Shop Host! Dave has been in radio for a while. His first job was hosting a Swap Shop program in Craig, CO in the the late 70's. Most recently he co-hosted the morning show on our sister station STAR 94 FM, and helped with the creation of the Shopping Show on KNCO and former sister station KUBA in Yuba City. Dave worked at KUBA for 25 years in various capacities and has lived there for nearly as long. Dave has a big family and enjoys all his kids and now grandkids. His hobbies include woodworking, and you can see his work by checking out his website www.2bearswoodshop.com.

Time Flies

It’s no secret that I am the proud grandfather of two.  Also no secret that my daughter’s family lives in Holland.  So my contact with these two munchkins has been via video and photo.  None the less watching them grow up has left me flabbergasted.  Too fast!!!

This weekend (Friday actually) the eldest turned 4.  Take a look at the present he got:



That’s the birthday boy behind the wheel, his sister is being lowered into the seat by his Dad (my son-in-law).

As the father of 4 sons my first thought was, “I wonder how long before the boy is practicing Hollywood turns and drifting around sharp corners?”  My second thought was, “I like to take that for a spin!”  My third thought was, “Good Heavens look how well they have him padded up!”  After 3 thoughts my brain has to reboot . . . . . .

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